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Legal News

• Jan 1 – The International Police Association (IPA) – the largest police organization in the world – is formed.

AuthorAnukriti Mathur
Published on19 October 2019
EditorFaiyaz Khalid
Last Updates24/05/2019

• Jan 1 The state of Ajaigarh is ceded to the Government of India.

• Jan 5 – U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver introduces a resolution calling for an investigation of organized crime in the U.S.

• Jan 6 Britain recognizes Communist government of China

• Jan 7 Mental health wing of Mercy Hospital burns, kills 41 in Davenport, Iowa

• Jan 9 – The Israeli government recognizes the People's Republic of China.

• Jan 12 Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die

• Jan 12 USSR re-introduces death penalty for treason, espionage & sabotage

• Jan 14 US recalls all consular officials from China

• Jan 15 4,000 attend National Emergency Civil Rights Conference in Washington, D.C.

• Jan 16 Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands recognize Israel

• Jan 21 New York jury finds former State Department official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury

• Jan 26 Constitution of independent India comes into effect, Rajendra Prasad elected India's first president

• Jan 28 Preston Tucker, auto maker, found not guilty of mail fraud

• Jan 31 US President Harry Truman publicly announces support for the development of a hydrogen bomb

Land mark judgements

Hanumanthaiya vs Thavakal San And Anr. on 6 January, 1950

Arjun Singh vs Sahu Maharaj Narain on 10 January, 1950

Kailash Pat vs Goswami Brij Gopal And Anr. on 12 January, 1950

Panchanan Ghose vs Bhaggu Bari on 17 January, 1950

Krishnadevanand Ramji vs Kapildeo Das on 19 January, 1950

Dominion Of India vs Gosto Behary Kundu on 19 January, 1950

Kuppuswami Reddi And Anr. vs Pavanambal on 23 January, 1950

Kapildeo Singh vs The King on 24 Jan, 1950

Sir Kameshwar Singh vs Province Of Bihar on 24 January, 1950

The Public Prosecutor vs Dhanuskodia Pillai And Anr. on 24 January, 1950

Khub Narain Missir And Ors. vs Ramchandra Narain Dass on 25 January, 1950

Amir Khan vs State on 31 January, 1950

Rex vs B.S. Nayyar on 31 January, 1950


Jan 12 -Sheila Jackson Lee, African-American politician


Legal News

== • February 1 – Chiang Kai-shek is re-elected as president of the Republic of China.

• • Feb 1 USSR demands condemnation of Emperor Hirohito for war crimes

• • Feb 1 Urko Kekkonen elected president of Finland

• • Feb 3 Nuclear physicist Klaus Fuchs arrested on spying charges

• • Feb 4 4th British Empire Games open in Auckland, New Zealand

• • February 6 The first Cabinet Secretary (N.R. Pillai) is appointed in India.

• • Feb 7 Georges Bidault forms French government

• • Feb 7 Senator Joe McCarthy finds "communists" in US Department of State (equiv. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• • Feb 7 United States formally recognizes the State of Vietnam as the legitimate government of Vietnam, with Bảo Đại as leader

• • Feb 8 The Stasi is founded in East Germany, and acts as a secret police until 1990.

• • Feb 9 Senator Joseph McCarthy charges State Department infested with 205 communists

• • Feb 14– Cold War: The Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China sign a mutual defense treaty (later terminated in 1979).

• • Feb 14 In an election speech at Edinburgh, Winston Churchill proposes "a parley at the summit" with Soviet leaders, the first use of the term "summit" for such a meeting.

• • Feb 14 USSR & China sign peace treaty •

• Feb 15 Juho Kusti Paasikivi is re-elected president of Finland.

• • Feb 23 – United Kingdom general election, 1950: The Labour Party, led by Clement Attlee, remains in office, but the Tories, led by Winston Churchill, increase their seats in the House of Commons.

• • Feb 24 Labour wins UK parliamentary election by 5 seats

• • Feb 27 General Chiang Kai-shek elected president of Nationalist China

Law Amendments


Land mark judgements

Province Of Bihar vs Kamakshya Narain Singh on 1 February, 1950

Badri Prasad Jhunjhunwalla vs Babulal Jhunjhunwalla And Ors. on 2 February, 1950

Ram Alam Lal And Ors. vs Dukhan And Ors. on 6 February, 1950

Payingatan Chappan And Ors. vs Kelu And Ors. on 8 February, 1950

Bajranglal Gangadhar Khemka And ... vs Kapurchand Ltd. on 9 February, 1950

Chunnilal Kasturchand vs Dundappa Damappa on 10 February, 1950

Gulabchand Daulatram vs Suryajirao Ganpatrao on 10 February, 1950

Vedachala Naicker vs P.K. Duraiswami Mudaliar on 10 February, 1950

Brahmeshwar Prasad vs The State Of Bihar And Ors. on 14 February, 1950

Manindra Nath De vs Man Singh on 14 February, 1950

Bageshwari Devi And Ors. vs Indian Union on 16 February, 1950

Karim Bux vs Rex Through Karimullah on 16 February, 1950

Dhiyan Singh And Another vs Jugal Kishore And Another on 22 February, 1950

Bejoy Chand Patra vs The State on 24 February, 1950

Ganga Sahai vs Bharat Bhan And Ors. on 24 February, 1950

Padma Bivi Ammal vs J.M. Mohammad Mohideen Rowther ... on 25 February, 1950

Karim Bux vs Rex on 27 February, 1950

The State vs Banwari Singh And Ors. on 28 February, 1950


Feb 22 -Awn Al-Khasawneh, Prime Minister of Jordan

Feb 26 Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand


Feb 9 -Abdul Qadir, Indian editor (b. 1874)


Legal News

• Mar 1 Chiang Kai-shek resumed the presidency of National China on Taiwan

• Mar 1 Klaus Fuchs sentenced to 14 years for atomic espionage (London)

• Mar 1 USSR issues golden roubles

• Mar 1 Klaus Fuchs is convicted in London of spying against both Britain and the United States for the Soviet Union, by giving to the latter top secret atomic bomb data.

• Mar 1 Acting Chinese President Li Tsung-jen ends his term in office.

• Mar 1 Chiang Kai-shek resumes his duties as Chinese president, after moving his government to Taipei, Taiwan.

• Mar 18 – The Belgian government collapses, after the Mar 12 referendum favouring of the return from exile of King Leopold III.

• Mar 3 – Poland indicates its intention to exile all Germans.

• Mar 12 Belgium votes (58%) for return of King Leopold III

• Mar 17 Belgian government of Gaston Eyskens resigns due to constitutional crisis

• Mar 20 – The Polish government enacts a law to take possession of properties owned by Roman Catholic churches.

• Mar 22 – Egypt demands that Britain remove all its troops in the Suez Canal.

• Mar 23 Sophocles Venizelos forms liberal Greek government

• Mar 23 UN World Meteorological Org established

• Mar 27 Netherlands recognizes People's Republic of China

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

In Re: Karunthambi Alias ... vs Unknown on 1 March, 1950

Gokul Chandra Chatterjee vs The State on 1 March, 1950

Brij Bhushan And Anr. vs The State Of Delhi on 2 March, 1950

S.C. Mitter vs The State on 3 March, 1950

Gaganmal Ramchand vs The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking ... on 8 March, 1950

Moti Lal And Ors. vs The Government Of The State Of ... on 11 May, 1950

Abdulla Ahmed vs Animendra Kissen Mitter on 14 March, 1950

Prithi Singh vs Ganesh Pd. Singh on 14 March, 1950

Birma vs State on 17 March, 1950

Sheth Maneklal Mansukhbhai vs Messrs. Hormusji Jamshedji ... on 21 March, 1950

Wali Mohammad Chaudhari And Ors. vs Jamal Uddin Chaudhari on 22 March, 1950

Babu Rameshwar Prasad Singh And ... vs Md. Ayyub on 23 March, 1950

M.R. Venkataraman vs Commissioner Of Police And Anr. on 27 March, 1950

Lakhi Narayan Das And Ors. vs The Province Of Bihar on 30 March, 1950



Mar 6 -Albert François Lebrun, French politician, 15th President of France (b. 1871)

Mar 24 James Rudolph Garfield, American politician (b. 1865)

Mar 24 Harold Laski, British political theorist, economist (b. 1893)

Mar 30 -Léon Blum, French statesman, 2-time Prime Minister of France (b. 1872)


Legal News

• Apr 5 Prague espionage trial against bishops & priests begins

• Apr 6 John Foster Dulles becomes advisor to US Secretary of State Acheson

• Apr 11 Prince Rainier III becomes ruler of Monaco

• Apr 14 NSC 68 is issued by the United States National Security Council, advocating the development of the hydrogen bomb, increased military aid to America's allies, and the rollback of communist expansion.

• Apr 15 – Belgian King Leopold III announces that he is ready to abdicate in favor of his son, Baudouin.

• Apr 18 Polish Catholic church & government sign accord over relations

• Apr 23 Nationalist China evacuates Hainan Island

• Apr 24 Independent republic of South Molukkas declared

• Apr 24 US President Harry Truman denies there are communists in the US government

• Apr 24 Jordan formally annexes the West Bank

• Apr 25 – The trial of alleged communist spy Judith Coplon commences in New York City.

• Apr 27 Apartheid: In South Africa, the Group Areas Act is passed, formally segregating the races.

• Apr 27 Britain formally recognises Israel.

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Muruga Mudaliar (Deceased) And ... vs Subba Reddiar on 3 April, 1950

Ghafoor Darzi vs Ram Nath Misir And Anr. on 4 April, 1950

In Re: M.R. Venkataraman vs Unknown on 4 April, 1950

Chittan Singh vs Sahib Dayal And Ors. on 5 April, 1950

Chotey Lal vs Mt. Durga Bai on 10 April, 1950

W.H. King vs Emperor on 10 April, 1950

Gutta Radhakristnayya Minor, By ... vs Gutta Sarasamma on 11 April, 1950

The State Of Uttar Pradesh vs Bati And Ors. on 11 April, 1950

In Re: C.M. Raghavan And Anr. vs Unknown on 12 April, 1950

Ganpat Singh vs Zora on 12 April, 1950

Ganesh Ram vs Baikunthesh Prasad Singh And Ors. on 13 April, 1950

Jeshingbhai Ishwarlal vs Emperor on 14 April, 1950

Abdul Rahiman Shamsooddin vs Emperor on 17 April, 1950

Raghubans Prasad Singh And Ors. vs Lakhan Gope on 24 April, 1950

State Through Ram Laut And Ors. vs Bansu And Ors. on 25 April, 1950

Tankadhar Nag And Anr. vs Bishnu Nag And Ors. on 25 April, 1950

The State vs Sheoratan Singh And Prahlad Singh ... on 26 April, 1950

Rameshwar Bux Singh And Ors. vs Ganga Bux Singh And Ors. on 28 April, 1950



Apr 11 – Bainbridge Colby, United States Secretary of State (b. 1869)

Apr 26 – G. Murray Hulbert, American politician (b. 1881)


Legal News

• May 1 – UNRWA operations begin.

• May 1 New marriage laws enforced in People's Republic of China

• May 2 Dutch 1st Chamber accept Laws on immigration

• May 2 Dutch PM Malan recognizes South-Africa but not People's Republic of China

• May 5 – Bhomibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) of Thailand is crowned, at The Grand Palace in Bangkok.

• • May 6 The town of Cazin (Bosnia) rises up against Communist agrarian reforms.

• May 6 Tollund Man is unearthed in Denmark.

• May 8 Chiang Kai-shek asks US for weapons

• May 9 Robert Schuman presents his proposal for the creation of a pan-European organisation, which he believes to be indispensable to the maintenance of permanently peaceful relations between the different nations of the continent. This proposal, known as the "Schuman Declaration", is considered to be the beginning of the creation of what is now the European Union.

• May 9 French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman calls for European community EGKS

• May 10 1st Netherlands-US telex sent

• May 11 – The Kefauver Committee hearings into U.S. organized crime begin.

• May 11 Belgium mine disaster at Borinage, 39 die

• May 12-Eugene Dennis was sentenced imprisonment for a year with regard to misdeed done against Congress under offence of contempt

• May 12- The death penalty for crimes committed in peacetime were restored in reference to 3 year old abolishment by Supreme Soviet Presidium in USSR

• May 14- Turkey had it’s first free elections making Democratic party under leadership of Adnan Menderes secure 396 seats in General Assembly

• May 15- Approval of Kim II Sung plan by Mao Zedong which lead to invasion of North Korea in South Korea resulting to Korean War

• May 15- Arrest of people’s army of Poland’s General Józef Kuropieska on fabricated charge of espionage by then Defense Minister,Marshal Rokossovsky .He was later in 1951 sentenced to death in the Trials of Generals

• May 16-Reparation of East Germany was cut to half by Soviet Union. Worldwide criticism of this decision and further accompanied by declaration of Soviet Union in regard to German prisoners of war

• May 17- Allied powers of Second World War allowed Germany to decide it’s control over Ruhr Valley’s steel and coal industries by formulating law

• May 17 – Israeli Air Force Spitfires intercept a Royal Air Force Short Sunderland, when it inadvertently crossed into Israeli airspace, forcing it to land at Lod Airport. The Sunderland's crew had been issued maps that did not depict Israel, as Britain had not recognized the Jewish State at the time the maps were issued.

• May 21 Vietnamese troops of Ho Chi-Minh attack Cambodia

• May 22 Celâl Bayar becomes the third president of Turkey.

• May 22 Adnan Menderes of the DP forms the new government of Turkey (19th government).

• May 22 Celal Bayar elected President of Turkey •

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Nanalal Zaver And Another vs Bombay Life Assurance Co. Ltd.And ... on 4 May, 1950

Commissioner Of Income-Tax, ... vs Ahmedbhai Umarbhai & Co., Bombay on 4 May, 1950

Dr. Babu Ram Saksena vs The State on 5 May, 1950

Pritam Singh vs The State on 5 May, 1950

Rachpal Mahraj vs Bhagwandas Darukaand Others on 5 May, 1950

State vs Brahma Prakash And Ors. on 5 May, 1950

Commissioner Of ... vs Sri Keshab Chandra Mandal on 9 May, 1950

Moti Lal And Ors. vs The Government Of The State Of ... on 11 May, 1950

Faguniswari Dasi vs Dhum Lal Pal on 18 May, 1950

A.K. Gopalan vs The State Of Madras.Union Of India on 19 May, 1950

Rashid Ahmed vs The Municipal Board, Kairana.The ... on 19 May, 1950

Dr. NB Khare vs The State Of Delhi on 26 May, 1950

Romesh Thappar vs The State Of Madras on 26 May, 1950

Ahmad Ali vs State on 31 May, 1950


May 7 – Tim Russert, American journalist (Meet the Press) (d. 2008)

12 May -The 33rd US president Harry S. Truman (Democratic), implementor of the Marshall Plan , establisher of Truman doctrine was born

14 May -Democratic Party Member representing US in California Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier was born

May 17 -Former Slovenian president and former Slovenian Prime minister Janez Drnovšek was born

May 17 -Keith John Charles Bradley, Baron Bradley ,a British Labour Party politician and formerly the Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Manchester Withington was born


May 28 – Vicente Sotto, Filipino politician (b. 1877)


Legal News

• Jun 1 –– Mauna Loa in Hawaii starts erupting.

• Jun 4 CVP wins Belgian parliamentary election

• Jun 5 US Supreme Court undermines legal foundations of segregation

• Jun 6 – Turkey: The Adhan in Arabic is legalized.

• Jun 6 German DR & Poland sign treaty about Oder-Neisse border

• • Jun 8 – Sir Thomas Blamey becomes the only Field Marshal in Australian history.

• Jun 13 South African parliament accept "Groups Area Act"

• Jun 17 Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Syria sign security pact

• Jun 23 Swiss parliament refuses voting rights for women

• Jun 24 French government led by prime Minister Georges Bidault resigns

• Jun 25 – The Korean War begins: Troops of the North Korean People's Army cross the 38th parallel into South Korea.

• Jun 26 – The Parliament of South Africa passes the Suppression of Communism Act.

• Jun 26 Pres Gottwald of Czechoslovakia confirms Milada Horakova's death sentence

• Jun 27 –U.S. President Harry S. Truman orders American military forces to aid in the defense of South Korea.

• Jun 27 US sends 35 military advisers to South Vietnam

Law amendments


Land mark judgements

U. C. Rekhi vs Income-Tax Officer, 1St "F" Word, ... on 1 June, 1950

Shew Narayan Singh vs Brahmanand Singh And Ors. on 2 June, 1950

Harikisan Balabakash vs The State on 6 June, 1950

S.M. Ghose vs National Sheet And Metal Works ... on 7 June, 1950

The Province Of Bengal vs Pawn Kissen Law And Co. on 9 June, 1950

Debendra Nath Mandal vs Sakhilal Kar And Ors. on 13 June, 1950

Ramanlal Rathi vs The State on 13 June, 1950

Ganda Mal vs Bhulloo Ram on 15 June, 1950

Ashutosh Maity And Ors. vs Narendra Narayan Bera And Ors. on 16 June, 1950

Dimbeswar Hazarika vs The State on 20 June, 1950 - Indian Kanoon

The State Of Bombay vs Jal K. Patel on 22 June, 1950

Nathu Ram And Ors. vs The State on 26 June, 1950

Jivaji Annaji vs Hanmant Ramchandra on 27 June 1950

Kashi Prasad vs State on 29 June, 1950

Sm. Nandorani Dassi vs Satya Narain Harit on 29 June, 1950

Jagdhari Koeri And Ors. vs Ambika Singh And Ors. on 29 June, 1950

Lal Behari Samanta And Ors. vs Gourhari Dawn And Ors. on 29 June, 1950


• Jun 22 Zenonas Petrauskas, Lithuanian lawyer, politician (d. 2009)



Legal News

• Jul 2 Henri Queuille is elected the seventh Prime Minister of the Fourth French Republic

• Jul 4 Harry Truman signs public law 600 (Puerto Ricans write own constitution)

• Jul 4 The first broadcast by Radio Free Europe.

• Jul 5 US forces enter combat in the Korean War for the first time, in the Battle of Osan

• Jul 5 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israel

• Jul 6 German DR recognizes Oder-Neisse borders with Poland

• Jul 7 Korean War: UN Security Council establishes the United Nations Command to combat North Korean forces

• Jul 13 René Pleven forms French government

• Jul 14–21 – Korean War - Battle of Taejon: North Korean forces capture the city held by the U.S. 24th Infantry Division, but the delay allows establishment of the Pusan Perimeter.

• Jul 17 Indonesian troops land on Buru, South-Molukka

• Jul 17 Suppression of Communism Act comes into force in South Africa

• Jul 17 – The Suppression of Communism Act (passed on Jun 26) comes into force in South Africa.

• Jul 19 French/Vietnamese offensive against Viet Minh

• Jul 22 King Leopold returns to Belgium after 6 years in exile

• Jul 26 KNIL (Royal Dutch East Indies Army) unites

• Jul 27 US President Harry Truman promises aid to Taiwan

• Jul 30 – 4 workers striking over the "Royal Question" in Belgium are shot dead by the Gendarmerie, at Grâce-Berleur near Liège.[9]

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Karam Singh vs State on 3 July, 1950

State vs Ram Sia And Ors. on 3 July, 1950

Coimbatore Municipality ... vs G.S. Govindayyar on 11 July, 1950

Nathwa And Ors. vs State on 12 July, 1950

Oyali Mia And Anr. vs Naib Ali on 12 July, 1950

Pahali Das And Ors. vs State Of Orissa on 12 July, 1950

Prem Nath vs The State on 12 July, 1950

The Electro Mechanical vs Industrial Tribunal No. 2 on 12 July, 1950

Sadh vs Panu And Anr. on 13 July, 1950

Saghir Ahmad And Ors. vs The State on 18 July, 1950

Bajranglal Jhunjhunwalla vs Sm. Solaki Marwarini And Anr. on 19 July, 1950

The State vs Nazar Mohamed on 20 July, 1950

Abdul Hakim vs Jan Mohammad And Ors. on 24 July 1950

Raman Ambalam And Ors. vs Unknown on 25 July 1950

Swayamber Singh vs Ghasitey Ram on 25 July, 1950

Shree Narain vs Kishanlal And Ors. on 27 July, 1950

Moti Lal Jhun Jhunia vs Mool Chand on 31 July, 1950


• Jul 17 Peter Neufeld, American lawyer and author

• Jul 28 Sir Tapley Seaton, Kittitian politician, 4th Governor-General of Saint Kitts and Nev


Jul 22 – William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canadian political leader, 10th Prime Minister of Canada (b. 1874)


Legal News

• Aug 1 King Leopold of Belgium abdicates, Baudouin becomes King

• Aug 5 2 Squadron SAAF departs, to take part in the Korean War

• Aug 6 – Monarchist demonstrations lead to a riot in Brussels.

• Aug 8 Winston Churchill supports idea of a pan-European army, allied with Canada and the U.S.

• Aug 11 King Boudouin I takes oath as royal prince of Belgium

• Aug 11 Ethel Rosenberg testifies before grand jury on allegations of spying for the Soviet Union

• Aug 12 Korean War: Bloody Gulch massacre.

• Aug 13 US President Harry Truman gives military aid to Vietnamese regime of Bao-Dai

• Aug 15 Joseph Pholien becomes Belgian premier

• Aug 15 Sukarno proclaims the unitary Republic of Indonesia and becomes its 1st President

• Aug 15 Srikakulam district is formed in Andhra Pradesh, India.

• Aug 17 – Korean War - Hill 303 massacre: 39 U.S. soldiers are executed, after being captured in battle by North Korea.

• Aug 17 Indonesia gains independence from Netherlands

• Aug 18 Julien Lahaut, the chairman of the Communist Party of Belgium is assassinated by far-right elements.

• Aug 23 West Germany & Japan readmitted to Intl Amateur Athletic Federation

• Aug 24 Edith Sampson named 1st African American US delegate to UN

• Aug 25 US President Harry Truman orders army to take control of railroad to avert a strike

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Natesan Servai And Ors. vs Unknown on 2 August 1950

Govinda Chandra vs State on 4 August, 1950

GL Biswas And Ors. vs The State on 8 August, 1950

Vurakarnam Lakshmi Narasimham vs Golanki Venkayya And Ors. on 8 August, 1950

Gurizala Vuddandam vs Juluri Venkatakameswara Rao on 9 August, 1950

K. S. Rashid Ahmad vs Income-Tax Investigation on 10 August, 1950

Anarali Tarafdar vs Omar Ali And Ors. on 11 August .

In Re: Mandalapu Paddayya And Ors. vs Unknown on 11 August, 1950

M. Desikachariar vs Ramachandra Reddiar on 16 August, 1950

Ps. Ar. Ar. Arunachalam Chettiar vs Narayanaswami Goundar on 16 August, 1950

The State vs Nanga And Anr. on 17 August, 1950

Mt. Rajpati vs Jagmohan And Ors. on 18 August, 1950

Khacheru vs Mt. Khairunissa on 18 August, 1950

Gordhandas Pursottam Sonawala vs Natvarlal Chandulal & Co. on 22 August, 1950

Sakarchand Satidas And Ors. vs Narayan Savla Vani And Ors. on 22 August, 1950

Prithvisingh Devising vs Hasan Alli Vazirkhan on 22 August, 1950

Madan Lal And Ors. vs Ghasiram And Ors. on 24 August, 1950

Kanraj vs Vijai Singh on 30 August, 1950

In Re: Balasundara Pavalar vs Unknown on 30 August, 1950



Aug 3 – Pierre-Émile Côté, Canadian politician (b. 1887)

• Aug 6 – Francisco José Urrutia Olano, Colombian diplomat and jurist (b. 1870)

Aug 24 -Arturo Alessandri, Chilean political figure, reformer and 2-time President of Chile (b. 1868)


Legal News

• Sep 1 13 North Korean divisions open assault on UN lines

• Sep 1 West Berlin granted a constitution

• Sep 4 First helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines

• Sepr 8 – The Defense Production Act is enacted into law in the United States, shaping American military contracting for the next 60 years.

• Sepr 9 – The U.S. state of California celebrates its centennial anniversary.

• Sepr 12 – Communist riots erupt in Berlin.

• Sep 12 Belgian government dismisses all communist civil servants

• Sep 14 Western allies rearm West Germany

• Sepr 15 – Korean War - Battle of Inchon: Allied troops commanded by Douglas MacArthur land in Inchon, occupied by North Korea, to begin a U.N. counteroffensive.

• Sep 15 During Korean conflict, UN forces land at Inchon in South Korea

• Sep 15 East German premier Grotewohl pleads for German reunification

• Sep 16 Viet Minh offensive against French bases in Vietnam

• • Sepr 19 – West Germany decides to purge communist officials.

• Sep 19 European Payment Union forms in Paris

• Sep 19 Great Three acknowledge Bond government as only German government

• Sep 19 UN reject membership of China's People Republic

• Sep 23 Nobel peace prize awarded to Ralph Bunche for mediation in Israel - 1st African American winner

• Sep 23 US Air Force Mustangs accidentally bomb British on Hill 282 Korea, 17 killed

• Sep 24 Operation Magic Carpet concludes after having transported 45,000 Yemenite Jews to Israel

• • Sepr 26 – Indonesia is admitted to the United Nations.

• Sepr 30 – NSC 68 is approved by President Truman, setting U.S. foreign policy for the next 20 years.

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Chanduram And Ors. vs The Municipal Commissioners on 7 September, 1950

Ismail And Anr. vs State Of Orissa on 11 September 1950

Raja Ram Chopra vs The State on 11 September, 1950

Amar Nath Bali vs The State on 12 September, 1950

The Broach Borough Municipality vs Bhadriklal Ambalal on 12 September, 1950

Chunchu Narayana And Ors. vs Karrapati Kesappa on 13 September, 1950

Ram Cherey vs Baba Ram Priya Das on 14 September, 1950

The State vs Kaptan Singh on 15 September, 1950

Nazir vs Rex on 18 September, 1950

Basappa And Ors. vs Unknown on 18 September, 1950

Ponnuswamy And Ors. vs O. Mahipathy on 19 September, 1950

Malla Sasirekhamma vs Garbham Suramma on 20 September, 1950

Zamiar Ahmed vs S. Haidar Nazar And Ors. on 21 September, 1950

Gulam Ahmed Rogay vs Bombay Municipality on 26 September, 1950

Abbas Ali vs Mt. Rabia Bibi on 27 September, 1950

M.A. Narasimhachar vs Malliah And Ors. on 28 September, 1950

Narayana Ayyar vs G. Veerappa Pillai on 29 September, 1950


Sepr 21 Charles Clarke, British politician

Sepr 24 Feng Ting-kuo, Taiwanese politician (d. 2018)


Sepr 11 -Jan Smuts, 2nd Prime Minister of South Africa (b. 1870)

Sepr 29 – Alfréd Meissner, Czechoslovak politician, Holocaust survivor (b. 1871)


Legal News

• Oct 1 South Korean troops cross the 38th parallel into North Korea

• Oct 7 William H Jackson becomes deputy director of CIA

• Oct 7 World Series Baseball: New York Yankees beat Philadelphia Phillies, 5-2 at Yankee Stadium

• Oct 19 UN forces entered Pyongyang, capital of North Korea

• Oct 21 Chinese forces occupy Tibet

• Oct 21 Death penalty abolished in Belgium

• Oct 23 Filipino President Elpidio Quirino issues Executive Order No. 355 replacing the National Land Settlement Administration with Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO)

• Oct 25 Dutch NSB leader C van Gelderen sentenced to life

• Oct 26 Branch Rickey resigns as Brooklyn Dodger president

• Oct 26 630 Dutch volunteers depart for Korea

• Oct 26 Mother Teresa founds Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India

• Oct 26 South Korean troops reach Chosan at Chinese boundary

• Oct 29 British Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance) Stafford Cripps resigns

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Prahlad Krishna Kurne vs Unknown on 3 October, 1950

In Re: S. Mohan Kumaramangalam vs Unknown on 4 October, 1950

GJ Desai vs Abdul Mazid Kadri And Ors. on 5 October 1950

Raghuraj Singh vs Sobhaman on 6 October, 1950

Kali Prasad And Ors. vs The State on 6 October, 1950

The State vs Kali on 16 October, 1950

Ram Bali And Ors. vs State on 10 October, 1950

In The Supreme Court Of India ... vs Shankar And Others on 13 October, 1950

Mohinder Singh vs The State on 17 October, 1950

Ghulam Abbas vs Mt. Razia Begum And Ors. on 25 October, 1950



Oct 1 – Mikhail Rodionov, Soviet statesman, Leader of the Soviet Union (b. 1907)

• Oct 2 – John F. Fitzgerald, American politician, Mayor of Boston (b. 1863)

Oct 20 – Henry L. Stimson, United States Secretary of State (b. 1867)

Oct 26 – Miguel Mariano Gómez, Cuban politician, 7th President of Cuba (b. 1889)


Legal News

• Nov 4 – The United Nations ends the diplomatic isolation of Spain.

• Nov 5 Philippines president Elpidio Quirino ends emergency crisis

• Nov 8 – Korean War: While in an F-80, United States Air Force Lt. Russell J. Brown intercepts 2 North Korean MiG-15s near the Yalu River and shoots them down, in the first jet-to-jet dogfight in history.

• Nov 10 – A U.S. Air Force B-50 Superfortress bomber, experiencing an in-flight emergency, jettisons and detonates a Mark 4 nuclear bomb over Quebec, Canada (the device lacks its plutonium core).

• Nov 13 The President of Venezuela, Colonel Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, is kidnapped and murdered in Caracas.

• Nov 17 – Tenzin Gyatso, 15, is formally enthroned as the 14th Dalai Lama, becoming temporal ruler of Tibet.

• Nov 18 – The United Nations accepts the formation of the Libyan National Council.

• Nov 22 Anti-British riots erupt in Egypt.

• Nov 28 The Colombo Plan for Co-operative Economic Development in South and South-East Asia comes into effect.

• Nov 28 Greece and Yugoslavia reform diplomatic relations.

• Nov 30 – Douglas MacArthur threatens to use nuclear weapons in Korea.

• Nov 30 US President Harry Truman threatens China with atom bomb

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Raj Narain vs Sita Ram Sri Kishen Das on 3 November, 1950

Shri Om Prakash Gupta vs The United Provinces on 6 November, 1950

Gulam Abbas And Ors. vs The State on 13 November 1950

Chhedi Lal And Anr. vs Chhotey Lal on 16 November ..

Abdal Ahmad vs The State on 20 November, 1950

Kottapalli Raghaviah vs Unknown on 22 November .1950

Tara Singh Gopi Chand vs The State on 28 November, 1950

Lokha Singh And Ors. vs Surmukh Singh on 29 November, 1950

A.M. Mair & Co vs Gordhandass Sagarmull on 30 November, 1950

Channabasavegowda And Ors. vs Rangegowda And Ors. on 30 November, 1950


Nov 23 – Chuck Schumer, American politician


Nov 11 -Alexandros Diomidis, 152nd Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1875)


Legal News

• Dec 2 – Korean War: The Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River ends, with the Chinese People's Volunteer Army expelling UN forces from North Korea.

• Dec 4 – The Foley Square trial commences review in the U.S. Supreme Court, as Dennis v. United States.

• Dec 5 Sikkim becomes a protectorate of India

• Dec 6 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Mirabile illud

• Dec 10 Ralph Bunche (1st black American) presented the Nobel Peace Prize for mediation in Israel

• Dec 14 UN Gen Assembly establishes High Comm for Refugees (Nobel 1954)

• Dec 16 US President Harry Truman proclaims state of emergency against "Communist imperialism"

• Dec 19 General Eisenhower named NATO commander

• Dec 25 – The Stone of Scone, the traditional coronation stone for British monarchs, is taken from Westminster Abbey by four Scottish nationalist students. It turns up in Scotland on Apr 11, 1951.

• Dec 28 Chinese troops cross 38th Parallel, into South Korea

• Dec 30 Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia become Independent states within the French Union

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

Chullikana Shambatta And Ors. vs Cherakoodlu Narayana Bhatta And ... on 1 December, 1950

Nikka Singh vs The State on 11 December, 1950

Janardan Reddy And Others vs The State on 14 December, 1950

State Of Bombay vs Narothamdas Jethabai And Anr. on 20 December, 1950

Commissioner Of Income-Tax,West ... vs Calcutta Agency Ltd on 21 December, 1950

Mir Hasan Khan And Ors. vs The State on 21 December, 1950

Pannalal Jankidas vs Mohanlal And Another on 21 December, 1950

Kirpal Singh vs The State on 29 December, 1950



Dec 15 Vallabhbhai Patel, Indian freedom fighter and statesman, dies at 75

Dec 20 – Enrico Mizzi, Maltese politician, 6th Prime Minister of Malta (b. 1885)

Dec 31 Karl Renner, Austrian President (1918-20, 45-50), dies at 80