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Legal News

JAN 1 - The United States and China estabished full diplomatic relations.

JAN 8 -  The US advised the shah to get out of Iran.
AuthorShruti Nair
Published on17 July 2019
EditorFaiyaz Khalid
Last Updates22/05/2019
JAN 9 -  The Act of Montevideo was signed in Uruguay pledging Argentina and Chile to a  peaceful solution.       
JAN 15 - The Soviet Union vetoed a United Nations resolution and called for the withdrawal of all Vietnamese troops from Cambodia.   
JAN 30 - The civilian government of Iran announced it had decided to allow Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who'd been living in exile in France, to return. 

Law amendments

JAN 20 - Punjab Excise (Delhi Amendment) Act

Land mark judgements

JAN 4 - Income Tax Officer & Ors vs M/S. Madnani Engineering Works

JAN 9  - Pandit Ishwardas vs State Of Madhya Pradesh And Ors
JAN 17 - Mohd. Shabir v State of Maharashtra
JAN 18 - Mohd. Iqbal, Ahmad vs State Of Andhra Pradesh
JAN 24 - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd vs Union Of India
JAN 25 - Prakash Cotton Mills (P) Ltd vs B. Sen & Ors



JAN 1 - Abdul Aziz Durani

JAN 10 - Rachel E. Pruden-Herndon

Legal News

FEB 1 - In the spirit of a new freedom for Iran, Prime Minister Bakhtiar has allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini to return. Millions greet Khomeini, who calls for expelling all foreigners from Iran.

FEB 8 - The Carter administration believes its negotiations with the Somoza regime have failed. It announces that the US is severing longstanding military ties with Nicaragua and ordering US personnel serving in Nicaragua to return to the United States.

FEB 14 - In Kabul, Afghanistan, extremists kidnap and kill US Ambassador Adolph Dubs.

FEB 15 - China's 1950 treaty with the Soviet Union expires.

FEB 17 - China invaded Vietnam and began a "pedagogical" war against Vietnam. China completed its withdrawal on March 19.

FEB 22 - The US announces that its aid to Afghanistan will be drastically cut.

Law amendments





Land mark judgements

FEB 9 - Rajendra Prasad Etc. Etc vs State Of Uttar Pradesh

FEB 12- State Of Haryana vs Darshana Devi & Ors

FEB 20 - Bai Vajia (Dead) By L. Rs vs Thakorbhai Chelabhai And Ors

FEB 25 - Zila Singh & Ors vs Hazari & Ors


FEB 3- Martha M. Pacold

FEB 20 - Anna brown



Legal News

MAR 13 - European Monetary System (EMS) entered into force.

MAR 19 - The U.S. House of Representatives began televising its day-to-day business.

MAR 21 - The Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved a peace treaty with Israel. 

MAR 26 - President Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Begin of Israel sign a peace treaty in Washington.

MAR 31 - The Arab League suspended Egypt following its treaty with Israel.

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

MAR 5 - Uttam Chand And Ors. vs Income Tax Officer

MAR 6 - Munshi Ram And Ors vs Municipal Committee

MAR 7 - Kanan And Ors. vs State Of Kerala

MAR 9 - Gurdial Singh Fijji vs State Of Punjab & Others

MAR 29 - Marudanal Augusti vs State Of Kerala


MAR 10 - David Holt

MAR 14 - Christopher Nixon Cox

MAR 15 - Jason Crow



Legal News

APR 1 - Iran proclaimed to be an Islamic Republic after the fall of the Shah.

APR 6 - The US Carter administration cut off aid to Pakistan, because of that country’s covert construction of a uranium enrichment facility.

APR 6 - In India the United Liberation Front of Assam was created to fight for independence from India.

APR 10 - The US Government established the Taiwan Relations Act 

Law amendments

APR 1 - Union Duties of Excise (Distribution) Act

APR 1 - Judicial Pensions (Widows' and Children's Benefits) (Amendment) Regulations

APR 6 - Fifth Amendment ,Amendments to the Constitution of Bangladesh

Land mark judgements

APR 3 - State (Delhi Administration) vs Shri Gulzari Lal Tandon

APR 6 - Mohan Lal vs State Of Maharashtra

APR 12 - Satpal & Co. Etc vs Lt. Governor Of Delhi

APR 26 - Hardip Singh & Anr vs The Income Tax Officer

APR 30 - Nimeon Sangma & Ors vs Home Secretary


APR 16 - Ridhwan Jakaya Kikwete


APR 4 - zulfikar ali bhutto

APR 11 - Gottfried Lessing


Legal News

May 1 - In recognition of the evolving political status of the Marshall Islands, the US recognized the constitution of the Marshall Islands and the establishment of the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

May 3 - Britain held general elections

MAY 21 - Mexico breaks diplomatic relations with Nicaragua and urges the US to end all remaining assistance programs to the Somoza regime.

May 31 - Zimbabwe proclaimed its independence following a British brokered cease-fire.

Law amendments

MAY 1 - Police Pensions (Amendment) Regulations

Land mark judgements

MAY 3 - Sassoon J. David & Co. (P) Ltd vs C.I.T., Bombay

MAY 4 - Kewal Krishan Puri & Anr vs State Of Punjab & Others

MAY 4 - Bachan Singh S/O Saudagar Singh vs State Of Punjab

MAY 15 - Sm. Daya Moyee Sadhukhan vs Dal Singer Singh

MAY 16 - Sm. Golapmoni Roy And Ors. vs Nanigopal Roy

MAY 31 - Smt. Pushpa vs Union Of India (Uoi) And Ors


MAY 29 - Teddy Schwarzman



Legal News

JUN 1 - The Government of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia took office under the internal settlement negotiated between the government of Rhodesia and moderate African nationalists.

JUN 7 - The first elections to the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage were held.

JUN 18 - President Carter and Soviet President Leonid I. Brezhnev signed the SALT II strategic arms limitation treaty in Vienna

JUN 19 - In Mali presidential and general elections were held

Law amendments

JUN 1 - Section 55 of the Republic of South Africa Constitution Act This Act shall be called the Constitution Amendment Act, 1979

JUN 11 - Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act

JUN 11 - Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (Alteration of Boundaries) Act

JUN 15 -  Superannuation (Judicial Offices) (Amendment) Rules

Land mark judgements

JUN 18 - H.P. Road Transport Corporation vs Pt. Jai Ram

JUN 22 - K. Chinnathambi Gounder And Anr. vs The Government Of Tamil Nadu

JUN 31 - Parbati Devi & Ors Vs. Mahadeo Prasad Tibrewalla




Legal News

JUL 3 - President Carter signs a directive for secret aid to the opponents of Afghanistan's government. 

JUL 8 - Los Angeles passes its gay and lesbian civil rights bill.

JUL 12 - The Gilbert Islands gained independence from Britain and became a nation.

JUL 25 - In the Philippines Batas Pambansa No. 20 was enacted creating the Regional Autonomous Government in Western and Central Mindanao regions.

Law amendments

JUL 3 - Irish steel holdings limited amendment Act

JUL 5 - Seventh Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland

JUL 8 - The Royal College Of Physicisn Of Ireland (CHARTER AND LETTERS PATENT AMENDMENT) Act

JUL 24 - Dangerousl substances (AMENDMENT) Act

JUL 25 - Bristish and Irish steam packet company limited (ACQUISITION) (AMENDMENT) Act

Land mark judgements

JUL 16 - Dharambir And Anr vs State Of U.P

JUL 23 - Kanchanlal Maneklal Chokshi vs The State Of Gujarat

JUL 25 - Syad Akbar vs State Of Karnataka

JUL 30 - Rama Verma Bharathan Thampuran vs State Of Kerala


JUL 10 - Aleksandra Dulkiewicz

JUL 14 - Beth Ann Williams



JUL 5 - Joseph Borkin

JUL7 - Hélène Cazès-Benatar

JUL 11 - Giorgio Ambrosoli

JUL 17 - carmine galate

JUL 20 - John C. McBride


Legal News

AUG 6 - Paul Volcker appointed by Pres. Carter, took over as the new chair of the US Federal Reserve Board

AUG 8 - Iraqi president Saddam Hussein executed 21 political opponents.

AUG 23 - Iranian troops entered Iraqi Kurdish territory.

AUG 25 - Somalia adopted a 2nd constitution. The first was adopted in 1961 following independence.

Law amendments

AUG 2 – The Speedy Trial Act was amended establishes time limits for completing the various stages of a federal criminal prosecution

Land mark judgements

AUG 2 - State Of Maharashtra vs Vishwanath Tukuram Umale

AUG 3 - Brij Mohan vs Commissioner Of Income Tax

AUG 16 - S. B. Noronah vs Prem Kumari Khanna

AUG 20 - Bishan Devi & Ors vs Sirbaksh Singh & Anr

AUG 23 - V. Dhanapal Chettiar vs Yesodai Ammal



AUG 16 - John Diefenbaker

AUG 27 - Lord mountbatten


Legal News

SEP 7 - The Chrysler Corporation petitioned the United States government for $1.5 billion in loan guarantees to avoid bankruptcy.

SEP 11 - The Carter administration warns Congress that failure by the United States to supply aid to Nicaragua could push the new leadership there toward Communism

SEP 24 - Hilla Limann was elected president of Ghana. She served until 1981.

SEP 27 - Congress gave final approval to forming the Department of Education, the 13th Cabinet agency in U.S. history.

Law amendments

Land mark judgements

SEP 6 - State Of Maharashtra vs Veerappa R. Saboji And Anr

SEP 14 - Biswabani (P.) Ltd vs Santosh Kumar Dutta And Ors

SEP 17 - Satya Narain Musadi And Ors. vs State Of Bihar

SEP 19 - Malabar Fisheries Co, Calcutta vs Commissioner Of Income Tax

SEP 20 - Ganga Sugar Co.. Ltd., Etc vs State Of U.P. & Others

SEP 21 - D. C. Gouse And Co. Etc vs State Of Kerala


SEP 29 - Rachel P. Kovner

SEP 30 - Navarro Walker Gray


SEP 4 - Archibald Stevens Alexander


Legal News

OCT 1 - The 1977 Panama Canal Treaties entered into force.

OCT 14 – A major gay rights march in the United States takes place in Washington, D.C., involving many tens of thousands of people.

OCT 17 - Mother Teresa of India, head of the Missionaries of Charity, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her years of work on behalf of the destitute in Calcutta.

OCT 22 - The US government allowed the deposed Shah of Iran to travel to New York for medical treatment.

Law amendments

OCT 1 - Industrial Conciliation Amendment Act

OCT 2 - The WIPO Convention, the constituent instrument of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), was signed at Stockholm AND was amended on October 2, 1979 

Land mark judgements

OCT 4 - Kewal Singh vs Lajwanti

OCT 11 - Municipal Corporation Of Delhi vs Tek Chand Bhatia

OCT 16 - State Of Punjab vs Labour Court, Jullundur & Ors

OCT 19 - Raj Kapoor And Ors vs State And Others


OCT 15 - Josephus Tan

OCT 18 - Damani Horton

OCT 28 - Robert Pelikán


OCT 8 - jayprakash narayan

OCT 26 – park-chung-hee

OCT 27 - Louis Gluckstein

OCT 30 - Barnes Wallis


Legal News

NOV 4 –Iran hostage crisis begins They demand that the United States send the former Shah of Iran back to stand trial.

NOV 7 – U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy announces that he will challenge President Jimmy Carterfor the 1980 Democratic presidential nomination.

NOV 21 - A wave of anti-US demostrations and attacks against US embassies sweeps across the Muslim world, first on this day in Pakistan

Law amendments



Land mark judgements

NOV 7 - Dadaji Alias Dina vs Sukhdeobabu & Ors

NOV 9 - Shiv Shanker Dal Mills Etc. Etc vs State Of Haryana

NOV 15 - Subhash Chander vs State (Chandigarh Admn.)

NOV 19 - Mani Subrat Jain vs Raja Ram Vohra

NOV 27 - Registrar Of Co-Operative ... vs K. Kunhambu

NOV 29 - K. Kalpana Saraswathi vs P.S.S. Somasundram Chettiar

NOV 30 - Neelavathi And Ors vs M. Natarajan And Ors


NOV 6 - Leonardo Picciani

NOV 15 - Albert Rivera

NOV 21 - Josh D. Lee

NOV 28 - Marx Beltrão


NOV 1 - Mamie eisenhower


Legal News

DEC 4 - The Carter administration responds to anti-US demonstrations and the siege at Mecca with a formulation that will be called the Carter Doctrine

DEC 10 - In response to the siege at Mecca, the Carter administration has dispatched the carrier USS.

DEC 12 - In response to the Iran hostage crisis, the Carter administration ordered the removal of most Iranian diplomats in the United States.

DEC 18 - The UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted with 10 abstentions.

DEC 21 - The Lancaster House Agreement was signed in London

DEC 24 - The Soviet Union begins sending troops into Afghanistan.

Law amendments

DEC 6 - Act of Adjournal (Criminal Legal Aid Fees Amendment




Land mark judgements

DEC 4 - Shyamcharan Sharma vs Dharamdas

DEC 7 - V. C. Shukla vs State Through C.B.I

DEC 10 - Yogendra Morarji vs State Of Gujarat

DEC 18 - C.I.T., Madras vs K. S. Rathnaswamy

DEC 21 - Bhim Singh & Anr vs Kan Singh


DEC 31 - Joshua David Hawley


DEC 3 - dhyan chand

DEC 27 - hafizullah amin