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The body of laws that governs administrative agencies.

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Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of administrative agencies of government. Government agency action can include rule making, adjudication, or the enforcement of a specific regulatory agenda. Administrative law is considered a branch of public law. As a body of law, administrative law deals with the decision-making of the administrative units of government (for example, tribunals, boards or commissions) that are part of a national regulatory scheme in such areas as police law, international trade, manufacturing, the environment, taxation, broadcasting, immigration and transport. Administrative law expanded greatly during the twentieth century, as legislative bodies worldwide created more government agencies to regulate the social, economic and political spheres of human interaction. (Read more)

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1. Meaning, Nature, Scope and Importance of Public Administration

2. Public Administration as an Art

3. Good Governance-Concept and Application

4. Methodology of Public Administration and its Relation to Other Sciences

5. Polities and Public Administration

5. politics : administrative politics

6. Comparative Public Administration and Politics

9. characteristics

12. The Chief Exceutive

13. The Staff Agencies

14. The Line Agencies (Department)

15. The Line Agencies (Independent Regulatory Commissions)

16. The Line Agencies (Government Corporations)

17. Administrative Areas and Field Services

18. Bureaucracy

19. Personnel Administration and Human Resources Development

20. [[Monetary and Fiscal Policies

21. Financial Administration

22. Administration At Work


23. Administrative Law

24. Right to Information

25. Administrative Behaviour



26. Role of Media


Women's Group




30. Citizens and Administration


31. The Citizens' Charter

32. Administrative Powers

33. Organisation and Methods (O and M)

34. Corruption in Administration

35. Ethics, Values and Accountability in Administration


_Lokpal at the National Level

37. Local Government



  1. Droit Administratif
  2. Delegated Legislation
  3. Relationship between Administrative Law and Constitutional Law
  4. Need for Administrative Law
  5. Principles of Natural Justice
  6. Scope of Administrative Law
  7. Reasons for the growth of Administrative Law
  8. Judicial Review of Legislative Action
  9. Separation of Powers in Indian context & its context
  10. Sources of Administrative Law
  11. Judicial Review of Administrative action
  12. Subsidiary Legislation
  13. Application of Principles of Natural Justice In India
  14. Exceptions to the Principles of Natural Justice
  15. The Lokpal and Lokyuktas Act, 2013
  16. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988
  17. Right to Information Act, 2005
  18. Tribunals & Tribunalization
  19. Difference between Court and Tribunals
  20. National Green Tribunal
  21. State as a provider of services
  22. State as an economic regulator
  23. Advantages of Tribunals
  24. Constitutionality of Delegated Legislation
  25. Control Mechanism
  26. Sub- Delegation
  27. Concept of Ombudsman
  28. Grant of Discretion
  29. Evolution of concept of Ombudsman
  30. Judicial Review of Judicial action
  31. Abuse of Power
  32. Measures to control abuse of power
  33. Parliamentary control
  34. Procedural control
  35. Judicial control
  36. Administrative Tribunal
  37. Industrial Tribunal
  38. Railway Rates Tribunal
  39. Claim Tribunal under Motor Vehicle Act, 1939
  40. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  41. COMPAT
  42. Unreasonable Delay
  43. Jurisdictional Error
  44. Doctrine of Ultra Vires
  45. Central Vigilance Commission
  46. Discretion to disobey
  47. Emerging Trends in Administrative Law
  48. ZRegulatory Agencies in the United States of America
  49. Comparative analysis of Administrative law in India with other countries
  50. Ivor Jenning’s definition of Administrative Law
  51. Prof. Wade’s definition of Administrative Law
  52. Breen Vs. Amalgamated Engineers Union (1971) 2 QB 175
  53. Bureaucracy in India
  54. Parliamentary Committee
  55. Parliamentary Commissioner
  56. Procedural Ultra Vires
  57. Hearings before Legislative Committees
  58. Functions and Effectiveness of Legislative Committees
  59. Requirements for the validity of Legislative Committees
  60. Quasi Judiciary
  61. Difference between Quasi Judiciary and Judiciary
  62. Central Board of Customs and Excise
  63. Rule against bias
  64. Audi Alteram Partem
  65. Reasoned Decisions
  66. Abuse of Discretion
  67. Failure to exercise discretion
  68. Procedural irrationality
  69. Exhaustion of Remedies
  70. Ministerial Act
  71. Legitimate Expectation
  72. Administrative Discretion
  73. Administrative Discrimination
  74. Non- Excessive of Discretionary Power
  75. Excessive Delegation
  76. Irrelevant Considerations
  77. Malafide Exercise of Discretion
  78. Doctrine of Proportionality
  79. Doctrine of Public Accountability
  80. Unreasonable Delay
  81. Finality Clauses
  82. Public Interest Litigation
  83. Fact Finding Committees
  84. Procedure of Laying
  85. Types of Laying
  86. Sahib Ram Vs. State of Haryana (1995) Supp (1) SCC 18
  87. SD Joshi Vs. High Court of Bombay (2011) 1 SCC 252, Para 62
  88. Col. B. J Akkara (retd.) Vs. Government of India and Ors. (2006) 11 SCC 709
  89. Yogeshwar Prasad and Ors Vs. National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration and Ors. (2010) 14 SCC 323
  90. Shyam Babu Verma Vs. Union of India (1994) 2 SCC 521
  91. Technical Discretion
  92. Structuring Discretion
  93. Error apparent on the face of record
  94. Violation of Public Policy
  95. Council of Tribunals and Inquiries in England
  96. Institutional Decisions
  97. Writs
  98. Procedural Control of Delegated Legislation
  99. Judicial Control of Delegated Legislation
  100. Problems of Administrative Decision Making

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