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This article is about website and its organisation

Advocates Pedia (Foundation)
Advocatespedia Search logo.png
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AdvocatesPedia SearchEngine/FrontPage Screen
MottoWe pledge and dedicate ourselves to spectacular law encyclopedia.
TypePublic, Non Profit organisation
FoundedJanuary 1, 2016; 3 years ago (2016-01-01)
HeadquartersNoida, India
Area servedIndia (2016–17)
Founder(s)Faiyaz Khalid
General SecretaryAnkit Kumar
TreasurerManu Lakhotiya
ServicesEnhance legal Knowledge,,,
Written inC++, Java, HTML5, PHP
Powered byMedia Wiki
Type of siteLaw Networking Service
Advocates Pedia Statistics
Users295,601 & increses Ten Thousand monthly
Active Users246
Number Of visits4,471,825
Number Of Edit458,003
Available inMultilingual (140)
Current statusActive

Advocates Pedia in today's world of technology is the only torch bearer law networking service dedicated to introduce, launch, promote and present legal fraternity of the world in right perspective, headquartered in New Delhi NCR, India. The basic idea was to bring the law professionals on single platform for the good of the society all over the globe. Advocatespedia is a unique venture undertaken by Advocates Pedia Foundation. The primary version of the Search Engine[1] was launched on January 1, 2016 by Faiyaz Khalid, the founder Chairman of ADVOCATES PEDIA FOUNDATION (Regd)[2]. It is registered under The Indian trusts act, 1882. Initially, the limited editing rights were allowed to the Law college fellow scholars, but later on expanded it to various law schools of India and abroad. In a very short span of time it has garnered whole hearted support of law scholars of various universities across the planet. The account creation option was set public from the month of February 2016 and rest is history. At present anyone who intends to create an account can be allowed to become a registered user of the website. Its name was originated by Faiyaz Khalid from the noun /advəkət/ Advocate the word Advocate is prevailed in India and is used in the context of Legal counsel, lawyer. The word Pedia is a Suffix and denotes Relating to learning. (from a back-formation of encyclopedia) A specialized encyclopedia about the prefix (i.e. "Advocatespedia", "Investopedia") or a general Encyclopedia in the structure of the prefix.[3]

After getting registered Users may be privileged with editing rights then site user can create a user profile, add also add others as friends giving access to exchange notice board to board message public and private. Set profile photo, send jpg, gif, png photo as gifts to the friends, Vote to the friends profile. Check their contributions to Advocates Pedia. Improve their Articles, Analyse Top editors, record most viewed articles etc. Users are authorized to create Articles and check, patrol other articles in this regard Users are given special training which is undertaken through campus Ambassador Program. During the training Users are taught to create a page, save a page, delete a page, placing infobox of various field, figuring Article, creating structure of articles, writing biography of living and dead person. Basic information in legal perspective and also other kind of work are taught and assigned to users. [4]

Background Of Advocates Pedia

The founder of Advocates Pedia Faiyaz Khalid comparatively examined the various famous sites that provide legal information. Ultimately after the entire preparation of running the law encyclopedia, the site Advocates Pedia came into existence on 31 December 2015. Initially this site was set on trial mode for a month and the statistics of the site was being recorded during trial month. The consequences of trial site as statistics previewed in the closing of the trial month that more than ten thousand auto-conform users were registered and more than two thousand contents were edited and uploaded during the trial month. The statistics showed as the majority of users were of United State of America and the second country was France and then India.

After the statistical examination the Advocates Pedia site was launched full fledgedly on 29th January 2016.As keeping in mind the previous statistics of contents Faiyaz Khalid and subsequently extensive consultation with the companions after making decision closed the editing rights from auto-conformed users and it was opened for on "having request along with appropriate reasons".


All the editors and sub editors are listed under community portal of

Board Meeting

The body meeting of Advocates Pedia Foundation is held twice in a year.
Meeting of APF.jpg
In the last body meeting the various agenda was passed regarding Advocatespedia site by majority votes.


Second Board Meeting

Board Meeting of Advocates Pedia Foundation.jpg


Advocates Pedia team was invited to attend Press Conference.
APF with HRPA.jpg


Advocatespedia Internship Program

Advocates Pedia Foundation has various Internship program for Law Students, Lawyers and legal expert. Law students are indulged networking and editing program for your carrier perspective while lawyers indulged for job and cases perspective and content editors are most welcomed for contribution and editions. Currently Advocates pedia Foundation has Interns from 25 States of India.

Advocatespedia Internship Program.jpg


Advocates Pedia T-shirt


As the site was popular among law students so the Advocates Pedia team planned to gift specially designed T-shirts to those who are editors (known as Advocate Pedians). Advocates Pedia T-Shirt is mostly used while promoting the sites. The editor while promoting the site in the colleges and universities use "I am Advocate Pedian" T-shirt.

Advocatespedia Promotions.jpg


Advocates pedia Foundation has conducted various promotion programs for its organisation. The listed state has been the subject of promotion program.


Jogesh Chandra Choudhary Law College Internship Promotion by Advocates pedia Foundation.jpg

Quick Responsive Bar Code


Online User Profile

User Profile.png
Initially the plan of site admin was to turn the user page as blank but later on social profile extension was hooked and designed accordingly. Though the social profile has no extreme feature like other social media profiles but for this law educational site it is sufficient. The user profile has all basic informations that may help other users to edit the articles.

Offline User Profile

Offlline User Profile.png
The user profile is to facilitate with online and offline status under Preference setting. If a user turns of the offline status to online, the user may get some facility on its profile for example Online button, last seen, friend request. Moreover Statistics of counting edit points, comments counting, vote counting facility is also provided.

Write New Article

Write new article.png
Though creating an article is very easy still the most easy way is provided through specific page of "Write An article". There are two methods of creating Article. First of all by searching any content if not available in the database of Advocates Pedia, the user may by clicking on the topic may create Articles. On the other side in the sidebar the option "Write an article" is to felicitate with formats of writing any new article at any law concerned topic. For example writing Biography is a bit complicated for beginners so the format is provided to them. The user can download the format of biography in any mentioned format like .doc, .docx, .txt and others so that editors can easily open the format of writing biography and can compose offline.

Top rated Article

Top rated article.png
The facility of rating articles is also provided but that is limited to users, non registered user can not rate the Articles. Rating articles means voting and nominating any article which is voted by the users, is nominated for Main Page Section. Non users can only see the ratings. Top rating article is listed under section of New Article at sidebar.

Advocate Pedians

Advocate Pedians.png
The Page Advocate pedians provide the list of the community members who are active editors. The Page also provide the list of online users whether registered or unregistered. The registered user's name will appear if Online and unregistered user's IP will appear under online user list. The page has contained with video facility of the Advocate pedians.


Chat Box

Chat box.png
Advocates Pedia is hooked up with Social extension of Chat. The Chat box is provided to the editors who are registered and have some friends. The user's name will be showing as Online If turning online on Advocates Pedia. Friends can chat with each other, can send messages to each other. The Chat box can also turn into full mode as well as the few necessary options are also availed.


Advocates pedia is also to facilitate with statistics that shows all the statistics of the site. The statistics page shows all the important statistics of the articles, users.



Top Editors

Adovctaes Pedia has also its Top editors page that is felicitated under Social Profile. The Top editors page shows the points and edits counting of the users. Those users who frequently edits and creates articles is listed accordingly. The position is determinated by points.
Top editors.png


Friends\Editors Activity

Friends activity.png
Special page of Editors activity is one of the social profile feature. This page shows the recent activity of the editors whether related to editing, creating articles, welcome messages, or editors relations, All these activities are displayed into the special page of friends activity. Editors activity extension feature is one of the core feature of the Advocates Pedia site.


User page views

User page views.png

The extension "User page views" is one of the core feature of the site. The extension facilitate the registered users to views and investigate the articles that which article or pages is viewed by whom and how many times.

Last Login

Lost login.png

Last login extension records the last logs of the users by time and date.






Mobile Applications

Advocates Pedia Foundation lunched its Android mobile app. Initially the lite android app was released but later on Alpha android app was developed with the support of guthub source code but it is still under develop. At present Advocates Pedia has more than four type of android app which can be downloaded Advocates_Pedia:Android_App here. [5]

Screenshot 2016-08-28-23-32-45.png











Advocates Pedia directry map.jpg
Directry map of Advocatespedia


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