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Amy Wan
Amy Wan Lawyer

"Law should not be a luxury.

My name is Amy Wan, I am a #fintech and #legaltech attorney and #entrepreneur. I went to law school to be a human rights attorney. Upon graduation, I worked for the government, a real estate #crowdfunding startup, and in a law firm. However, I thought the drafting of legal documents could be done more efficiently and felt that many small businesses couldn't afford good legal services.

I am starting my own company, @BootstrapLegal, which is a legal tech start-up with the goal to provide #faster, #affordable, #better access to legal services to everyday people and #smallbusinesses. My mission is to really help entrepreneurs and small businesses to build the vision and grow the company and achieve their dreams.

Poor people have access to pro-bono services and rich people have access to fancy law firms. Meanwhile, the middle class lacks options because normal people can't write $5,000 retainer checks to an attorney. 99% of businesses are small businesses, but only well-funded businesses and large corporations can afford to pay for those services. There are already so many hurdles today for small businesses entrepreneurs - access to capital, the ability to find good talent -- legal help shouldn't be one of those barriers.

Welcome to the new kind of legal!

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