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Brynn Rovito

When I realized money was tight in law school I decided to sublet my NYC apartment on a nightly basis for cash and stay elsewhere. Even after I graduated from law school and moved to D.C. to work as Deputy General Counsel for Senate Sergeant at Arms, I still wasn't earning as much as I needed to live in the Nation's Capital. Similar to what I did in law school, I decided to sublet my apartment and stayed with friends. After listing my apartment on #facebook and #craigslist I decided to try #airbnb and it was then when I realized I could actually make a living renting apartments on airbnb and it would be more exciting than a desk job! That is when I moved to Hawaii and acquired apartments to rent. I currently have 3 units in Hawaii and 11 units in DC and am the owner of BPR Hospitality. While learning the law has been useful with my business transactions, the practice was not creative enough for me and I find it satisfying to help people out with their rental needs! Brynn Rovito, Esq.

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