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Ramadevi Ramadevi

Mrs. Ramadevi, always had her focus on legal studies ever since she completed her and had made up her mind on becoming a legal practitioner. She practiced predominantly in the areas of property and family matters. Passionate about various causes such women and children's welfare, animal welfare and other social causes, she wanted to contribute to the larger good of the society in her own small way. She worked closely with many charitable institutions and other welfare organizations and provided with free counseling and advice in matters pertaining to law. Up-liftment of slum children and making them accessible to mainstream education, safety of women and children were some of the causes in particular, that moved her. In addition to being an advocate, she went beyond her profession to help the needy when and wherever an opportunity was available. It was her father Shri. Vadirajachar who she credits for her virtues as she feels she isn't half as good as her father. "Never tolerate injustice, for what you tolerate will continue and speak up for those that cant speak for themselves", he used to tell her. These words left a lasting impression on her and that resulted in her choosing the path she did.

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