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How to contribute to the project

Editors can contribute to the Selected anniversaries project in three main ways:

  1. Identify entries on the project pages that are currently 'ineligible' in the 'staging area' (see next section) and make improvements so that they become eligible. The reason for the entries being ineligible may be, for example, due to criteria 4-6 listed below. Make improvements to the selected article (the emboldened link in the entry) to resolve the issue(s), then post a message on the project talk page for that day noting the improvements made and that the entry is ready to be considered to move to the 'eligible' section. An administrator or regular editor working on the project will come along to review the improvements and move it to the 'eligible' section in due course.

If you have carefully reviewed the entry against all of the criteria below then you can move the entry to the 'eligible' section with a clear edit summary for others to review noting the improvements made.

  1. Make suggestions for new entries to be included in the project pages (see 'Steps for suggesting new listings' below).
  2. Anticipate upcoming anniversaries that are significant or notable (e.g., due to a centenary) and may be particularly worthwhile including in the "On this day" section of the Main Page on that date. Post a message on the project with the suggestions to inform other editors working on the project and complete steps 1 or 2 above to ensure an entry is available for an administrator to use for the "On this day" section on that date.