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  1. Statutory provisions for protection of animal rights
  2. What are animal rights?
  3. The factors influencing growing legislation for nonhuman animals
  4. Companion animals v. Farm animal rights
  5. Scientific findings on complex nonhuman beings and evolution of their rights (elephants, dolphines, apes etc.)
  6. Wildlife protection laws
  7. Hunting prohibitions on endangered species
  8. Case law related to criminal poaching
  9. Animal cruelty
  10. Animal sentience- scientific findings
  11. Cultural variations in animal treatment
  12. Use of animals in research
  13. Agricultural industries and animal rights
  14. Slaughterhouse regulations and application
  15. Vetenary malpractices
  16. Custody disputes of pets
  17. Exclusion of animals from the conception of legal personhood
  18. Extra legal developments
  19. Activists and social changes
  20. American legal system on animals
  21. Ownership restrictions on certain species
  22. Constitutional protection of animals in india 51A(g), 48
  23. Property in animals
  24. Rights and duties of animal owners
  25. Animals for entertainment purposes
  26. Impact of red meat production on the environment
  27. Protection of wildlife act
  28. Domestic abuse of animals
  29. History of animal rights
  30. History of animal laws
  31. Game laws
  32. Commercial uses of animals
  33. Evolution of rights (social, legal, moral)
  34. Animal welfare act
  35. Exploitation of farm animals
  36. Factory farming
  37. Unnecesary pain doctrine (humane slaughter act)
  38. Administrative difficulties in monitoring animal cruelty
  39. Euthanisation of animals
  40. Which rights for which animals (different responsibilities of humans in diff sectors or industries)
  41. Tortious liability on harm to pets
  42. Tortious liability on theft or deprivation of use
  43. Felony penalties for cruelty
  44. Right to farm act
  45. standard husbandary practices (intensive confinement)
  46. Industry guidelines
  47. animal use for scientific research
  48. Genetic emgineering of animals
  49. Medicinal usage of animals
  50. Dog meat festival and social outrage
  51. Ban of leather products
  52. Marine mammal protection act
  53. legal/policy sanctions to animal maltreatment
  54. prevention of cruelty to animals act
  55. Use of animals in the cosmetic/chemicals industry
  56. Environment law and animal law
  57. fishing regulations
  58. captive breeding
  59. Impact of global warming on animals
  60. Animals legal status
  61. Ag-gag legislation
  62. Lack of legal protection for farm animals
  63. Foiegras
  64. puppy mills
  65. Animals for transport and carriage
  66. Stray animal cruelty
  67. Animal usage in films and media
  68. deceptive animal welfare labelling
  69. Traditional practices and ethics (animal fights, sacrifice)
  70. Trading malpractice
  71. Hoarding of animals
  72. Non lethal management of wild or carnivorous animals
  73. No pets allowed policies/ landlord disputes
  74. Spaying or neutering of pets
  75. trusts and wills with respect to animals
  76. Noise pollution and nuisance laws
  77. Inhumane confinement
  78. Posession of exotic animals
  79. Posession of wild animals
  80. Lien laws
  81. Clothing items (fur, leather) disputes
  82. Cockfighting
  83. Criminal negligence
  84. Import of animals and climate
  85. Due process
  86. docking or cropping of animals
  87. ecoterrorism or agroterrorism (idaho code)
  88. Privacy of owners or industrialists v. Welfare and free speech
  89. husbandary and meat industry ethical treatment requirements
  90. Tourism industry and animals
  91. Restrictions of trapping and snaring of animals
  92. Equine rights and liabilities
  93. The lax/non enforcement of animal protection laws
  94. Welfare performance index (VACI)
  95. Animal legal defense fund, and their contributions
  96. Prominent case law in thid field
  97. Abandoning of old or ailing pets
  98. Animal consortium
  99. legal standing (special interest for bringing a lawsuit)


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