Bihar Reorganisation Act, 2000

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Section 1

Short title

Section 2


Section 3

Formation of Jharkhand state

Section 4

State of Bihar and territorial divisions thereof

Section 5

Amendment of the first schedule to the constitution

Section 6

Saving powers of state government

Section 7


Section 8


Section 9


Section 10


Section 11


Section 12


Section 13


Section 14


Section 15


Section 16


Section 17


Section 18


Section 19


Section 20


Section 21


Section 22


Section 23


Section 24


Section 25

High Court of Jharkhand

Section 26

Judges of High Court

Section 27

Jurisdiction of High Court

Section 28

Special provision relating to Bar Council and Advocates

Section 29

Practice and procedure in common High Court

Section 30

Custody of Seal of High Court

Section 31

Form of writs and other processes

Section 32

Power of Judges

Section 33

Procedure as to appeals to Supreme Court

Section 34

Transfer of proceedings from High Court at Patna to High Court of Jharkhand

Section 35

Right to appear or to act in proceedings transferred to High Court of Jharkhand

Section 36


Section 37


Section 38

Authorisation of expenditure of Jharkhand state

Section 39

Reports relating to accounts of Bihar state

Section 40

Distribution of revenue

Section 41

Application of parts

Section 42

Land and goods

Section 43

Treasury and bank balance

Section 44

Arrears of taxes

Section 45

Right to recover loans and advances

Section 46

Investments and credits in certain funds

Section 47

Assets and liabilities of state undertakings

Section 48

Public debt

Section 49

Floating debt

Section 50

Refund of taxes collected in excess

Section 51

Deposits, etc.

Section 52

Provident fund

Section 53


Section 54


Section 55

Liability in respect of actionable wrong. Where, immediately before the appointed day, the existing state of Bihar is subject to any

Section 56

Liability as guarantor

Section 57

Items in suspense

Section 58

Residuary provision

Section 59

Appointment of assets or liabilities by agreement

Section 60

Power of central government to order allocation or adjustment in certain cases

Section 61

Certain expenditure to be charged on consolidated fund

Section 62

Provision as to Bihar state Electricity Board, State Warehousing Corporation and State Road Transport Corporation

Section 63

Continuance of arrangements in regard to generation and supply of electric power and supply of water

Section 64

Provisions as to Bihar State Financial Corporation

Section 65

Provisions as to certain companies

Section 66

General provisions as to statutory corporations

Section 67

Temporary provisions as to continuance of certain existing road transport permits

Section 68

Special provisions relating to retrenchment compensation in certain cases

Section 69

Special provision as to income tax

Section 70

Continuance of facilities in certain state institutions

Section 71

Provisions relating to All India Services

Section 72

Provisions relating to service in Bihar and Jharkhand

Section 73

Other provisions relating to services

Section 74

Provisions as to continuance of officers in same post

Section 75

Advisory Committees

Section 76

Power of Central Government to give directions

Section 77

Provisions as to state public service commission

Section 78

Water resources development and it's management

Section 79

Constitution and function of management board

Section 80

Staff of the management board

Section 81

Jurisdiction of the board

Section 82

Power to make regulations

Section 83

Ammendment act of 37 of 1956

Section 84

Territorial extent of laws

Section 85

Power to adapt laws

Section 86

Power to construe laws

Section 87

Power to name authorities, etc., for exercising statutory functions

Section 88

Legal proceedings

Section 89

Transfer of pending proceedings

Section 90

Right of pleaders to practise in certain cases

Section 91

Effect of provisions of the act inconsistent with other laws

Section 92

Power to remove difficulties