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China International Copyright Expo is the only national comprehensive copyright exposition held on a regular basis by the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China (NCAC) based on the principle of internalization, specialisation and marketisation. It is an annual event that brings companies and organizations, both governmental and independent, to China to discuss various aspects of copyright and intellectual property rights.

China international copyright expo
AuthorDipanshu Mittal
Published on04/10/2018
Last Updates04/10/2018


The Expo was first held in 2008 and has attracted exhibitors from 40 countries and regions including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Argentina. The China International Copyright Expo held annually in the National Convention Center in the Olympic Green located at the North 4th Ring road in Beijing for four years and then moved out. The Expo is hosted by General Administration of Press and Publication, National Copyright Administration, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Beijing People's Government, operated by Beijing Copyright Bureau and Beijing Chaoyang District People's Government; and implemented by Beijing International Copyright Trade Center.

With an aim at exchanges, cooperation, innovation, and development, the expo serves as an important platform for promoting exchanges, facilitating trade; advancing the industrialization of copyrights, developing the factor market of copyrights, expanding copyright marketing channels, displaying copyright results, improving copyright protection; and attracting capital, in the China’s international copyright industry. It also functions as an important channel for Chinese copyrights to go global. It has provided multi-level services for global copyright exchange and trade, including seminars on international copyrights, discussions on cooperation with copyright companies and investment and financing institutions, and public welfare activities themed copyright protection.

The expo has attracted leaders at the ministerial level or above, heads of relevant ministries, domestic experts and scholars, and more than 100 international guests. It has been attended by Written Works Copyright Society of China, Music Copyright Society of China, Audio-Video Copyright Collective Management Society of China, Images Copyright Society of China, China Film Copyright Association, more than 30 relevant industry associations in China, and more than 50 international copyright industry organizations and institutions including the WIPO, IIPA, UNESCO, etc.


The expo consists of four major sections:

1. International Copyright Forum

2. Industrial Exhibition

3. Thematic Activities

4. Cultural Performance

Since 2008, six sessions of China International Copyright Expo have been held. The details are as follows:


As the first national-level copyright event, the 1st China International Copyright Expo with the theme of Copyright Creates Fortune was held from 27 to 29, October, 2008 with the opening ceremony held in Beijing Huamao Hotel. The 1st CICE included key elements integral to the cultural and creative industry, established an international copyright trade platform, and laid the foundation for the further development of the industrialization of China’s copyright sector. Furthermore, expo stimulated the exchange of information and business resources in the international copyright market-establishing key markets for copyright assets and setting the foundation for broadening copyright market’s channels. The three-day 2008 CICE witnessed the signing of nearly 30 projects, covering a broad field of the copyright industry including literary works, film transcripts, and copyright exchange/partnerships. The 1st CICE was a great success and was highly praised by China National Copyright Administration and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Francis Gurry, the General Director of WIPO, granted this CICE as the “Olympic Game in the Copyright Industry”.


The 2nd China International Copyright Expo, October 24–27, 2009, was held at the China National Convention Center in the Olympic Park, Beijing. There were 11 exhibition zones in all and the exhibition products came from across the cultural creative industry, including: film and television, music, photography, creative cultural, animation, and games. The International Copyright Forum was kicked off with a speech by Lu Yongxiang, Vice-Chairman, Committee of the National People's Congress, which was followed by the keynote address, titled - Copyright Influences the World, by the Director of General Administration of Publication and Press, Liu Binjie, discussing the impacts, that the cultural creative industry has had on the world market, and in particular how China has put great focus on this market in recent years. The major content of this CICE included exhibition and display of copyright achievements, communication and discussion among the industry, promotion of cultural and creative enterprises, individuals and financial institutions and performances such as original Korean Musical and China’s Cosplay Competition.


The 3rd China International Copyright Expo was held on November 18–21, 2010, sticking to the principle of “sustainable, operational, innovative and distinctive, at the China National Convention Center in the Olympic Park, Beijing. The Expo focused on the theme of music, aimed at leading people’s concern with respect to the rapidly developing and highly profitable music market and discussed all perspectives such as copyright protection, trading, investment and financing. In this year, the country of honor of the 3rd China International Copyright Expo was Japan. This was a great opportunity for Japan to strengthen culture communication and copyright trade between China and Japan. The integration of all the contents showed the industrialization, professionalization, market-orientation and internationalization of this CICE. The core of “Copyright Industrial Chain” linked all the sections together, from copyright achievement display to copyright project promotion, trade, research/discussion, development of the copyright protection technique, which all together deeply impressed the visitors. The 3rd CICE accelerated the development of China’s copyright-related industry through active contributions and meaningful explorations in the field.


The 4th China International Copyright Expo was ceremoniously held from 21 to 24, June, 2012 in China International Trade Center Exhibition Hall, and achieved a great success. This CICE, with the principles of “Communication, Cooperation, Innovation, Development”, has provided a beneficial environment for promoting the International Copyright Strategy and China’s Copyright Industry’s “Going-Out” Strategy. It also established an international and professional trade and communication platform for the achievement of the cultural and creative industry and the copyright industry. Over 700 diplomats and experts in the cultural and copyright industry from 157 countries worldwide came to China, discussed and signed the “Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performance”, and learned more about the history, development and achievement of China’s copyright industry through the 4th CICE. A channel of standardized, professional and international communication on copyright protection and trade was established. The 4th CICE has informed the world of the development of China’s copyright industry, internationalized China’s copyright corporations, and thus raised the society’s consciousness of copyright protection and shared the copyright’s intellectual achievement among the world. The exhibition showcased China’s achievements in the protection of copyright. It included traditional items like books and films as well as new media technologies like digital publishing and internet products.


The Fifth China International Copyright Expo which aimed at promoting overall bilateral cooperation between China and the rest of the world, fostering the communication of copyright cultural products, stimulating the strategic pace of “Going International”, was held in Beijing at New International Convention & Exposition Center, Chengdu Century City from 15 to 19 April, 2014, The 5th CICE took its first move out of Beijing, to Chengdu. Chengdu is located in the center of the south-west China and is the key region of the Strategic Development Program of the South-West China. Chosen as the host city of the 5th CICE, Chengdu promoted the integration and developments between the multi-ethnic culture of China and the World, displayed the energetic development of the region worldwide. The 5th CICE had three main exhibition areas, the International/National Exhibition Area, the Domestic Exhibition Area and the Industrial Exhibition Area, which fully displayed the achievements and developments of the national and international copyright industry copyright field.


The 6th China International Copyright Expo (CICE) was held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from December 5 to 7, 2016. This CICE was themed on “showcasing copyright achievements, promoting copyright protection & guiding copyright development”, with UK as the guest of honor. Besides, as one of the important activities for the CICE, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and National Copyright Administration of China held the WIPO Creativity Award Ceremony on December 5 and co-host the International Copyright Forum from December 5 to 6.