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Kanika Jain

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Tell me about yourself ?

I am an advocate having an experience of 7+ years. I started my career under the aegis of Mr. Kunal Tandon at Tandon & Co. in 2014, at which time I worked on litigation and corporate assignments. Thereafter for a 2 year stint I went to Luthra & Luthra law offices, New Delhi in the direct taxes team. In 2016, I branched out into my independent practice and have been continuing ever since.

What inspired you to make your career in the field of law?

The thrill of doing a new assignment every day and the fact that the field never gets monotonous. At first the field seemed daunting as I am a first generation lawyer; however after the very first internship at Tandon & Co. in my final semester, I knew law is where I want my career in. As it entails constant knowledge building and the work never becomes stale.

What are your strengths?

Communication and public relations. Ability to work for as long hours as the work demands. I think my professional ethics are too strong, making me a survivor for the long run.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

5 years down the line, I see myself as a successful lawyer, earning enough to meet my needs and wants. 10 years down the line, I see myself as being the trusted legal advisory by some of the leading business conglomerates.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

The fact that I could branch out and successfully run my independent practice within a period of 4 years from completing college. Further for the fact that I am a first generation lawyer hailing from a business family.

What is your dream job?

I am happy the way it is right now. I would like to be in a position to give jobs and not remain in one.

What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the legal job?

In any job, I would in the first 30 days like to earn the trust of my team and seniors. Within 60 days, I would like to share the responsibilities of my seniors in a manner that they do not have to worry about it. Within 90 days I would try to bring business to the team.

Discuss your educational background.

I have done my schooling from various schools in Delhi. I have done my graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University (2007-2010) in B.A. Programme. Thereafter, I did a 3 year law course (LL.B.) from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University (2011-2014).

Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.

I have seen myself in several difficult situations at work front, be it in the nature of trust issues from seniors, lack of cooperation by team members and even extreme work load. I think the key to any difficult situation is perseverance and being optimistic.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by my need / drive to be able to make enough to not only meet my liabilities, but also to provide for a worry free life for my family. I have always been an independent person and the need to maintain this status motivates me to work in any and every situation.

Are you a leader or a follower?

I am and have always been a leader. I am told that such has been my aptitude since very early years of life. I do not disregard subordination, however I believe I have the traits to lead just as well.

What was the last law book you’ve read for knowledge?

Nothing except for bare acts while studying for cases.

Your interests apart from studies?

Baking, Travelling

The best experience and a success habit you would like to share for our readers that would encourage them.

My success thrives on my communication skills and ability to establish myself as a trusted person. It was a delight when at the time of my exit from Luthra & Luthra law offices, a regular client I was dealing with there suggested he would like to continue to work with me wherever else I am.

Advocates Pedia Foundation have committed to establish Advocatespedia like Wikipedia, Any Opinion or Suggestions?

I can suggest better once I know better.

Where are you working currently?

Independent practice.

Any suggestion for new lawyer?

Never get scared to dive into a new subject or a new field, you don't know what surprise awaits you. I have found some of my biggest callings in the fields I was running away from - be it doing corporate practice or direct taxes. There are no shortcuts, so don't find one and if something appears to be a shortcut, it will sure lead you to no good.

Interviewed by

Vania Kapoor