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My path to becoming a lawyer is unconventional. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a lawyer. I did not take any college classes related to law. I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

In college I was a bartender. I had this job throughout law school and was bartending the day I passed the bar. I enjoyed this time of my life. I was going to college, making some money, and having a blast with my friends. I was in no rush to graduate college, but all good things must end. As graduation approached I was trying to figure out what to do. I enjoyed my day-to-day life and didn’t want it to change. I figured I would get a graduate degree. While researching grad school, and the GRE, I realized that I would have a hard time because math is not my friend. A little more research lead me to find out the LSAT does not involve math: At this point I decided to go to law school. I enrolled in law school & it was an adjustment. My classmates were taking this very seriously. They formed study groups, spent hours in the library working on outlines. I did not do this. This is probably why I was called “Van Wilder” in law school. I knew it was serious, but you did not have to put your life on hold during law school. I knew that my grade was based 100% on my final exam score. So, I did not brief my cases. I got canned briefs & outlines from upperclassmen or The first 3 months ofthe term I would have fun & hang out watching most of my classmates hate their life. But, the last month before finals – I was a study machine. I lived with my outlines, I pulled all-nighters, and learned a semester worth of law. This worked for me. I made the deans list most of my semesters at law school. I cannot tell you how many times classmates walked up to me and surprisingly say “did I see your name on the deans list?!” I realized law school is like a game – you just have to figure out how to play it. Since graduating I still use the same philosophies “put the time and effort in when it counts” & “don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.” Robert Fitzpatrick, Esq. Redding Fitzpatrick, LLP Southlake, Texas Texas Wesleyan University

Oklahoma City University School of Law

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1963 U.S. President John F. Kennedy holds his iconic “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech

The speech was a welcome gesture of support for the people of West Berlin. East Germany had erected the Berlin Wall just two years earlier to stop mass emigration to the West.

1945 The United Nations Charter is signed

The United Nations is the world's most important international organization.

1936 The world's first practical helicopter lifts off

The twin-rotor Focke-Wulf Fw 61 was first tested in Bremen, Germany. None of the first prototypes survived World War II but a replica can be seen at the Hubschraubermuseum in Bückeburg, Germany.

1925 Charlie Chaplin's film “The Gold Rush” receives its premiere

The comedy featuring Chaplin in his famous Little Tramp role is a classic of the silent film genre. The English star actor repeatedly stated that this is the film he wants to be remembered for.

1906 The first Grand Prix car race is held

The competition was held on a circuit around Le Mans, France and organized by the Automobile Club de France (ACF). Renault's Ferenc Szisz won the competition.

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