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  17. What are some of the traits of the average juvenile offender? Are environmental factors like abuse, mental illness, neighborhoods or schools influential in causing crime
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  22. What all juvenile detention facilities can be provided as part of self-improvement courses and formal education programs
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  35. Comment on the effect of adoption
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  48. Explain the process of registration of child care institution
  49. Our foster care system is flawed. Discuss how the foster care system in your state or country is flawed and how this system contributes to juvenile delinquency
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  52. Three factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency. Name three contributing factors to juvenile delinquency and discuss how these problems can be approached by the government and community
  53. Parental contributions to juvenile delinquency. What influence do parents have on children and how can they use that influence to prevent juvenile delinquency
  54. Bullying can lead to juvenile delinquency. Bullying can be an early gateway to eventual delinquency. Discuss this theory
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  58. Methods of preventing truancy in children. Come up with some methods for preventing truancy in children, and also mention how truancy can lead to more serious crimes
  59. Mentoring programs that prevent juvenile delinquency. Suggest some one-on-one mentoring programs where influential people can talk kids out of ruining their lives
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  61. Demonizing stolen property. What are some ways that educational programs can demonize theft among youngsters
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  63. Comment on power of review the pendency of inquiry in Juvenile Acts
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  65. Subtle causes of juvenile delinquency in television. Does TV have an influence on the way kids act? Should we opt for less violence, drug use, and sexual references on television programs
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  74. Discuss the procedure in inquiries, appeal and revision of proceeding
  75. Explain the procedure for Adoption given in the Juvenile Act with relevent provisions
  76. Explain the ruling on the Death Penalty on basis of very famous case Roper vs. Simmon
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  96. Comment on the employment of child for begging
  97. Explain the procedure in relation to children in conflict with law
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  99. Explain the provision regarding the disclosure of identity of the children
  100. What was the role of central and state adoption agencies in the adoption in Juvenile Justice Cases