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Native Title Representative Body Lawyer Professional Development Project Melissa Castan, Associate Director of the Castan Centre, and the Law Faculty, are working with Richard Potok, Honorary Research Fellow, on a research project examining Native Title law and practice. The research aims to gain an understanding of the challenges Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRB) lawyers face while representing the interests of native title claimants. The research evaluates appropriate strategies for developing training and professional development programs. The project involved comprehensive research consultations with legal and managerial staff of NTRBs, as well as other professionals who work or otherwise deal with NTRB lawyers. Substantial background research was also undertaken. The research project has the involvement and support of NTRBs across the country, Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Services, the National Native Title Tribunal, the Federal Court of Australia, the Australian National University, the University of New South Wales, law firms Chalk and Fitzgerald, Arnold Bloch Leibler and Gilbert + Tobin, as well as several philanthropic foundations. For more information please contact Richard Potok on –