Rules of the Road Regulations 1989

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Rules of the Road Regulations 1989
Total Sections 31
Enforcement Year 1989
State or Central Central
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Section 15 in The Rules of the Road Regulations, 1989 15 Parking of the vehicle. — (1) Every driver of a motor vehicle parking on any road shall park in such a way that it does not cause or is not likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users and the manner of parking is indicated by any sign board or markings on the road side, he shall park his vehicle in such manner. (2) A driver of a motor vehicle shall not park his vehicle:— (i) at or near a road crossing, a bend, top of a hill or a humpbacked bridge; (ii) on a foot-path; (iii) near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing; (iv) in a main road or one carrying fast traffic; (v) opposite another parked vehicle or as obstruction to other vehicle; (vi) alongside another parked vehicle; (vii) on roads or at places or roads where there is a contin­uous white line with or without a broken line; (viii) near a bus stop, school or hospital entrance or blocking a traffic sign or entrance to a premises or a fire hydrant; (ix) on the wrong side of the road; (x) where parking is prohibited; (xi) away from the edge of the footpath.