Section 273. Sale of noxious food or drink

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Whoever sells, or offers or uncovered available to be purchased, as food or drink, any article which has been delivered or has gotten toxic, or is in a state ill suited for food or drink, knowing or having motivation to accept that the equivalent is toxic as food or drink, will be rebuffed with detainment of one or the other depiction for a term which may reach out to a half year, or with fine which may stretch out to 1,000 rupees, or with both.

1.If an offense is cognizable, police has the power to capture the blamed without a warrant and to begin an examination with or without the consent of a court. In any case police doesn't have the position to capture the charged without a warrant and an examination can't be started without a court request.

2.If an offience is bailable, police has the position to deliver the blamed on abandon getting the characterized guarantee sum alongside a properly filled bail bond at the concerned police headquarters. In any case captured individual needs to apply for bail under the steady gaze of a judge or court

3. In the event that an offense is compoundable, a trade off should be possible between the denounced and the person in question, and a preliminary can be dodged. Something else, No trade off is permitted between the charged and the casualty besides under specific circumstances, where the High Court or the Supreme Court have the expert for subduing a matter.