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Srajan Tripathi








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Tell me about yourself ?

I am a professor at Amity Law School,Greater Noida and my expertise is in teaching family law and I am teaching since past 6 years. I have graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia and completed my masters from Aligarh Muslim University

What inspired you to make your career in the field of law?

maybe a family member is an attorney and shows passion, excitement and enjoyment for their job and that interests you, or maybe you're interested in family law because you've personally witnessed the impacts of a divorce. Whatever personal experience you choose to share that inspired you to pursue law as a career, make sure to relate it to the field of law you'll be practicing within the firm you're interviewing for.

What are your strengths?

our ability to communicate persuasively, your attention to detail and your compassion towards your clients are strengths that you can have as a lawyer that make you successful at doing your job. Your pride in your skills and expertise can show the interviewer how motivated you are to succeed in the career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I wish to continue with my studies with family law subject and want to pursue Doctorate in my near future and also would like to publish my articles which I will be writing and researching on it surely.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I feel proud when I say that I teach students family law at law school as it was my dream to become a professor and what motivated and pushed to become a professor was my father and mother as both used to teach at school and college.They taught me that teachers are the one who guide every children towards the right path.

What is your dream job?

Teaching as the professor at Harvard University and be become author of my own written books and articles and if get any opportunity to attend United Nations anyday then will be really grateful.

What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the legal job?

If I could then I would definitely go for Arbitration as it's a great job to pursue as it resolves the disputes among people and to maintain the peace in society and the reason behind why I choose this field as court alone can't resolve the issue of common people and serve their interest.I am fascinated by arbitration as my one of my relative is currently serving as a arbitrator.

Discuss your educational background.

I have completed my senior secondary from delhi public school and secured 97%. Later I went to pursue an integrated course B.A.LL.B Jamia Millia Islamia and did a several internships during that period and as my graduation got completed I started to pursue my masters from Aligarh Muslim University as my background is consist of educational field as my parents are teacher and professor at school level and college.

Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.

I have learned one thing in my whole life that whenever you are stuck in any situation just face it instead of running away from it my father taught me this and since I was a child I'm following it and also teach my own students and also advice them to share their inner self with the one whom they trust and feel comfortable to share.

What motivates you?

My passion to become a good professor only motivates me as I am a follower of Swamy Vivekananda which teaches me to stay calm have perseverance and never indulge yourself in dirty tasks.He suggested taking courage and work on. Patience and steady work.

Are you a leader or a follower?

I am both, a leader as well as follower as I follow Swamy Vivekananda and I inspire my students and they follow my teachings.

What was the last law book you’ve read for knowledge?

Here,There and Everywhere.

Your interests apart from studies?

I am a sports person and I have keen interest in playing sports like cricket, football and also do gyming and also my hobbies are in cooking food.

The best experience and a success habit you would like to share for our readers that would encourage them.

I just would I like to say that eat well, sleep well, play well and last work hard and your aim should be fixed and move towards your targeted aim never let anything distract you from your aim and always do yoga or went to gym regularly and wake up early daily and went to work punctually.

Advocates Pedia Foundation have committed to establish Advocatespedia like Wikipedia, Any Opinion or Suggestions?

I wish that this firm do well in future and reach it's destination and be humble to your employees and new interns who are working hard. And this firm should award them who are giving their 100% to make it's capital value in market and are working to achieve it's people satisfaction.

Where are you working currently?

I am currently wokring at Amity School of Law, Greater Noida which is situated in Uttar Pradesh, India

Any suggestion for new lawyer?

A lawyer is the person who knows very well how to influence any person and by what words that individual can be easily convinced. What phrases can let him win any argument or by what statement a lawyer can pin point to a particular issue and what makes him contradict with others in society.That's what lawyer can do and have power inclusion of social status

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