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the button

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This template provides a "clickable button" formatting style for text. This button is not clickable, and care should be taken when using it to avoid readers thinking the result may be. (It has an explanatory tooltip for users hovering over it, but that may not always be displayed, or only displayed after too long a delay, so that it may not show up to people trying to click it.)

If you need a clickable button, use {{Clickable button}}.


  • {{Button|text=button text}} produces button text
  • {{Button|text=button text|format=bold}} produces button text
  • {{Button|[[File:WikEd close.png]]|padTB=.1em|padLR=.1em}} produces File:WikEd close.png

Alternatively, {{Button|button text}} also produces button text

See also

  • {{key press}} – used to illustrate keystrokes