The Repealing and Amending Act,2017

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The Repealing and Amending Act,2017
Total Sections 4
Enforcement Year 2018
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ASSN: 20257

The Repealing and Amending Act, 2017 is an Act of the Parliament of India that repealed 104 Acts, and also partially repealed three sections of the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2007, and made minor amendments to three other Acts to correct typographical errors. The Act was the fourth such repealing act tabled by the Narendra Modi administration aimed at repealing obsolete laws.

Background and history

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated the repeal of old laws during his 2014 general election campaign. At the 2015 Economic Times Global Business Summit, Modi stated, "Our country suffers from an excess of old and unnecessary laws which obstruct people and businesses. We began the exercise of identifying unnecessary laws and repealing them. 1,877 Central laws have been identified for repeal." The Repealing and Amending Bill, 2017 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 9 February 2017 by the Minister of Law and Justice, Ravi Shankar Prasad. The bill sought to repeal 104 Acts, including over 20 Acts enacted before independence. It also sought to repeal three sections of the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act, 2007, and make minor amendments to three other Acts to correct typographical errors. The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on 19 December 2017 and by the Rajya Sabha on 28 December 2017. The bill received assent from President Ram Nath Kovind on 5 January 2018, and was notified in The Gazette of India on 8 January 2018.

Arrangement of provisions The following Act of Parliament received the assent of the President on the 5th January, 2018. An Act to repeal certain enactments and to amend certain other enactments. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Sixty-eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows:— Section 1. This Act may be called the Repealing and Amending Act, 2017. Section 2. The enactments specified in the First Schedule are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned in the fourth column thereof. Section 3. The enactments specified in the Second Schedule are hereby amended to the extent and in the manner mentioned in the fourth column thereof. Section 4.The repeal by this Act of any enactment shall not affect any other enactment in which the repealed enactment has been applied, incorporated or referred to; and this Act shall not affect the validity, invalidity, effect or consequences of anything already done or suffered, or any right, title, obligation or liability already acquired, accrued or incurred, or any remedy or proceeding in respect thereof, or any release or discharge of or from any debt, penalty, obligation, liability, claim or demand, or any indemnity already granted, or the proof of any past act or thing; nor shall this Act affect any principle or rule of law, or established jurisdiction, form or course of pleading, practice or procedure, or existing usage, custom, privilege, restriction, exemption, office or appointment, notwithstanding that the same respectively may have been in any manner affirmed or recognised or derived by, in or from any enactment hereby repealed.