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Bono as "The Fly"
Bono as "The Fly"

The Zoo TV Tour (29 February 1992Template:Snd10 December 1993) was a concert tour by Irish rock band U2. Supporting their 1991 album Achtung Baby, the tour visited North America, Europe, Oceania, and Japan. In contrast to U2's previously austere stage setups, Zoo TV shows were elaborate multimedia events, satirising television and media oversaturation by attempting to instill sensory overload in the audience. The stages featured dozens of video screens as well as Trabants as lighting fixtures. Concerts included channel surfing, prank calls, a belly dancer, and transmissions from war-torn Sarajevo. On stage, Bono portrayed characters such as "The Fly" (pictured), "Mirror Ball Man", and "MacPhisto". Zoo TV was the highest-grossing North American tour of 1992 and sold 5.3 million tickets overall. Continuing their 1990s reinvention that began with Achtung Baby and Zoo TV, U2 recorded the album Zooropa during a break in the tour. Many critics gave the tour high praise as a memorable spectacle. (Full article...)