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-“Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices” – Edgar Argo

In today’s world, speaking skills are the most important asset one can have. Speech is and will always be the backbone to an effective communication. Right from politicians to researchers, from students to teachers, today no one shies away from actively voicing their opinions. But in a world which is shrouded by the hustle and bustle of millions, we definitely need a class of people who are ready to just ‘listen’. Life is a maze, where each individual has to constantly choose between multiple paths, take decisions and move ahead, none of which is possible without ‘listening’. Having being nurtured in a joint family, I have been groomed to not only put forward my concerns but have also been taught how to listen. Hence I strongly believe that a listener- hears, evaluates and re-evaluates whatever is put forth him or her, thus making it easier for them to separate milk from water. Today, we live in a society where there is an exorbitant amount of information readily available. Access to the internet, e-books and multiple channels of communication laid across the world has made knowledge easily acquirable. But what people are in dearth of is the time and dedication to read, analyse and comprehend the very knowledge and to draw reasonable conclusions. However this has not been the case for me. My interest in reading and interpreting editorials sprouted at a very young age and was intensified further in my school days. Participating in moot courts, public speeches and debates has provided me with great impetus to explore my sparks. “Only lawyers and painters can turn white to black” – Japanese proverb I strongly believe that in this world where ‘change is the only constant’, it is only the legal profession which has the ability to provide me a platform where I would be able to rekindle the aforesaid traits of mine. Apart from being a lucrative profession, Law is the most diverse career option wherein I would be able to challenge my intellect and fuel my aptitude for critical thinking. For me, being a lawyer is a medium to engage with the corporate world and to re—engage the apathetic middle class in the process of decision making and execution. -HARSHITA AGRAWAL