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Indian Registration (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 1975

Section 1

Short title. - This Act may be called the Indian Registration (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 1975.

Section 2

Amendment of section 80-A of Act XVI of 1908. - In section 80A of the Registration Act, 1908, in its application to the State of Maharashtra,- (a) in sub-section (1), for the portion beginning with the words "If on inspection" and ending with the words "arrear of land revenue" the following shall be substituted, namely :- "If on inspection or otherwise it is found that any fee payable under this Act has not been paid or has been paid insufficiently, such fee may (after failure to pay the same on demand within the period specified therein), on a certificate of the Inspector-General of Registration, be recovered as an arrear of land revenue from the person from whom such demand is made;", (b) for the marginal note, the following shall be, substituted, namely :- "Recovery of fees, and provision for refund".