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         <ref>Tata Cellular vs Union Of India on 26 July, 1994</ref>
         <ref>Tata Cellular vs Union Of India on 26 July, 1994</ref>
===Interviewed by===
===Interviewed by===
Swati  Dorairaj
Swati  Dorairaj

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Nisha Sumit








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Tell me about yourself ?

I am an advocate. i like practicing more than working in a firm. I prefer that more

What inspired you to make your career in the field of law?

"After witnessing my aunt's and uncle's messy divorce and seeing the effects it had on everyone involved, I made a commitment that I would choose a career that helped families going through a divorce make the adjustment quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Naturally, I pursued family and divorce law, where I work with families to help them start the process and get them through the legal details as smoothly as possible.

I have found that working as a divorce lawyer has put me in the role of both the attorney and the mediator, where I use my empathy and compassion to help calm stressful situations and offer my support to families undergoing this tedious process."

What are your strengths?

Altruistic – Advocates generally aim to use their strengths for the greater good – they rarely enjoy succeeding at other people’s expense. They tend to think about how their actions affect others, and their goal is to behave in a way that will help the people around them and make the world a better place. Insightful – Advocates typically strive to move past appearances and get to the heart of things. This can give them an almost uncanny ability to understand people’s true motivations, feelings, and needs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In a better position and I believe by that time I will have achieved what have planned

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

So far I am most proud of earning my LLB certificate . But, speaking honestly, I consider it just as a start of my journey, not an end. I hope to achieve many other things, both as a manager and as a man, father, son, and in any other roles I may have in my life. I love setting goals and pursue them with my work, dedication, enthusiasm.

What is your dream job?

Being an advocate

What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the legal job?

“Within 30 days, I plan to get to know the people I’ll be working with the most and to be comfortable with them. Within 60 days, I plan to have a solid understanding of the industry, the company and the competitive landscape so that I can hold my own in any conversation about the company. Within 90 days, I plan to meet the goals that have been set for me.”

Discuss your educational background.

I have done LLB

Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.

In my pervious job as a department manager, there was a new hire who consistently provided incomplete reports. They were asked multiple times to include all the required information, but the reports continued to lack all the data and had to be redone for others to do their jobs. I wondered if the new employee was getting clear information, so I created a sample report for the new hire showing all the required data. I also asked other supervisors to review this with their reports and to post a chart of when the reports were due. As a result, the quality of everyone's reports improved, not just those of the new employee. I learned that it's really important to listen and to clearly communicate expectations to get the desired results.

What motivates you?

i want to be better version of myself the next day and that keeps me going.

Are you a leader or a follower?

definitely a leader

What was the last law book you’ve read for knowledge?

Learning how to fly

Your interests apart from studies?

dancing, plants, any place where i feel connected to nature

The best experience and a success habit you would like to share for our readers that would encourage them.

focus be sure about what you want to do make a list and complete it

Advocates Pedia Foundation have committed to establish Advocatespedia like Wikipedia, Any Opinion or Suggestions?

ohh is that so keep going

Where are you working currently?


Any suggestion for new lawyer?

keep learning new things as a law student you should never stop learning


Interviewed by

Swati Dorairaj

  1. Tata Cellular vs Union Of India on 26 July, 1994