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<templatestyles src="Module:Documentation/styles.css"></templatestyles>

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This template can be used to easily create a box-header with MOS:COLOUR-compliant colours. It is intended to mainly be used in portals, but can also be used elsewhere.


Basic: {{Box-header colour | Title | colour= | mode= }}

With an edit link: {{Box-header colour | Title | Page to be edited | colour= | mode= }}


|1= <templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/>(or first unnamed parameter)
Title to show in box header
|2= <templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/>(or second unnamed parameter)
Optional: the target page for the edit link.
If not included, no edit link will be shown.
|colour= <templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/>(or |color=)
Optional: Base colour to use when calculating appropriate colours. May either be a hue value (a number between 0 and 359), or a X11 colour name (like aqua), or a hex triplet (like #92c or #6956D7)
If not specified, a "random" colour will be chosen (based on the characters in the root page name)
Optional: How light or dark the calculated title background colour should be. Either lightest, light, normal, dark, or darkest
Defaults to "normal" if not specified.

Other parameters that are accepted by Template:Box-header can also be used in this template, apart from the following (which will be ignored if specified):

  • title
  • editpage
  • noedit
  • border
  • titleforeground
  • titlebackground
  • foreground
  • background

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