Vaibhav Kaushik

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Vaibhav Kaushik








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Tell me about yourself ?

I am a first generation lawyer based in Delhi, having passed my B.A.LL.B from Maharshi Dayanand University. Apart from that, final year student in Masters of Law from Kurukshetra University. Also focusing of Judicial Services examination.

What inspired you to make your career in the field of law?

This is an interesting story, being a Non- Medical Student. I secured a good rank in AIEEE exam but i was never fond of pursuing, and was always influenced and interested towards law. The legal framework, the working and the desire as a child to be able to stand in the court room made me choose law over engineering. It was a challenge coming from a family full of government teachers. The law always attracted me and it was that attraction which made me prepare for law entrance exam in a 2 months time and I secures a campus seat at rank 170 for B.A.LL.B.

What are your strengths?

My strengths are my confidence, never say die attitude whatever the situation is and straight forwardness. Being calm in complex situations has helped me alot.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Well life is unpredictable so I don't think too much about future but I can tell you about my near future plans. Since i am pursuing LLM right now and also preparing for judicial services examination. Also, planning to get my own law firm registered under the seal and working.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

I am not sure whether it will fit into the category of "accomplishments" but being appreciated by the senior advocates for the first time, when you are a fresher in litigation learning everything, the words of appreciation from your seniors always boost your confidence and make yourself proud that your hardwork is paying off.

What is your dream job?

Definitely cracking judicial services examination and being a Judicial Officer is the dream job coming from a non-legal family background.

What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the legal job?

I think first 30 or 90 days on the legal job are way too short to accomplish anything. The most you can do is learn from your seniors the procedure and working of courts, the art of handling the clients and giving them a suitable legal advice.

Discuss your educational background.

After scoring 72 percent marks in my 10th class, I went on to opt for Science (Non-medical). In the starting it was fun learning physics and chemistry but later I was more interested towards law. Passed out as a science student and taking admission in B.A.LL.B 5 year integrated course which is now continued by LLM

Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.

I think handling a situation depends on the mindset of the person tackling the situation. Being calm, looking up for every possible solution of the problem in front of you, problem solving attitude in the right direction.

What motivates you?

My father motivates me alot. He is a teacher, Triple M.A., a writer, a poet and the exceptionally great orater. His hardworking nature and willingness to learn more, even now gives the motivation to work hard, being sincere towards my work.

Are you a leader or a follower?

I think i am both. To become a leader you need to be good follower too. The ability to follow gives rise to an amazing leader.

What was the last law book you’ve read for knowledge?

The autobiography of Justice M.C.Chagla, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court. He was also an Indian Jurist, diplomat and a Cabinet Minister.

Your interests apart from studies?

Apart from studies i am interested towards acting, i have been a Theatre Student of National School of Drama. Cricket and dance as well.

The best experience and a success habit you would like to share for our readers that would encourage them.

Being able to understand what you are focusing on and desiring to become. Impressing others by your work and not by your physical appearance. Your nature reflects what you are. The best experience is when your senior is impressed by your work and ability to handle any given opportunity with ease.

Advocates Pedia Foundation have committed to establish Advocatespedia like Wikipedia, Any Opinion or Suggestions?

It is a great initiative and definitely a platform of young law aspirants and first generation lawyers like myself to be able to learn alot about this field through this platform. Internship opportunities and learning from the experts of the legal field and getting all the information at one place.

Where are you working currently?

Currently i am working as an criminal lawyer in Delhi district courts and High Court with my co-associates under the guidance of some learned senior advocates.

Any suggestion for new lawyer?

Be confident, spontaneous in whatever you do. Hardwork is the key to be successful in legal field regardless of the institute you graduate from or whether you are a first generation lawyer or from a family of lawyers. Results will be according to the amount of work and expertise you put in. Be confident in what you decide to aim for and accordingly in the right direction.

Interviewed by

Amman Mohanty